Wednesday, 30 December 2009


The economy has suffered its worst decade of growth since the Second World War, figures revealed yesterday.

The findings, which show a far worse performance than under the Tories in the 1990s, raise serious doubts about Labour's claims to superior handling of the economy during its 13 years in power.  Gross domestic product, which is the country's total economic output, rose just 1.7 per cent a year in real terms, which means the figures have been adjusted for inflation.

At this low level, the last decade has been Britain's weakest period of economic expansion of any ten-year period since the 1940s, according to the research based on figures from the Office for National Statistics.

As usual Labour's ability to handle the economy properly is brought into question.  It has always been so, Labour fuck it up and the Tories have to take years to mend it.  Callaghan's mob was the same the last time having to call in the INTERNATIONAL MONETRY FUND to bail Britain out.  It's like declaring yourself bankrupt.  WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT the whole Labour mess has become.

In my opinion, there are only two ways to vote in Britain at the coming GE.  In England  a Conservative vote although I wouldn't discount UKIP in the right circumstances.  In Scotland the only vote is a vote for the SNP who at least will stick up for SCOTLAND over the next five years or so.  REMEMBER LABOUR'S FEEBLE FIFTY when Maggie Thatcher was in power.  WHAT A JOKE!


M\aggie said...

You're joking DL, John was my follow up. I taught him everything that one knows.

Dark Lochnagar said...

M/aggie, can I just say what a pleasure it is to have you visit me here on my little site. One sounds a tad more coherent than the last time I heard you. I see however you still can't type your name properly!