Thursday, 26 November 2009



Lord Mandelson has infuriated families of the Lockerbie bombing victims by attending a shooting party with Colonel Gaddafi's son.

The Business Secretary and Saif Gaddafi were guests of billionaire financier Lord Rothschild and his son Nat at the family mansion in Buckinghamshire.  In a bizarre confirmation of Labour's close links to the Libyan regime, Cherie Blair was also present.

SO HERE'S MY DILEMA.  I have a Purdey with two barrels loaded.  Into view hove, LORD ROTHSCHILD and his son NAT, MANDELSON, CHERIE BLAIR AND A GADDAFI.

FIVE FUCKERS all needing shot and you can only get TWO OF THEM.  WHO DO YOU GO FOR?



INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

DL its a lovely pile that, thought it was your place, I wondered why I didn't see you when I tooled round the place in my shootingbreak this summer.

How to despatch 5 useless breathers is your problem? Beat R, R, Mandelbrot and the young oligarch to death with a blunt instrument. Then use both barrels on the blunt instrument. Simples.

I'm off to your latest posting. Now that's a fine pair of barrels alright.

fantasist said...

Presumably they would also have guns if it was a shooting party so you could sneak up on two of them and take them out with the pudsey. Then grab their guns which would give you 4 more bullets and search their bodies for more ammo. You would have alerted the other 3 ( they might have heard the shotgun blasts ) so I'd recommend seeing who were the best shots and going for them first. Now stand up and scream " man down quick come and help" When the first two run to help give them the good news with your pudsey. That would just leave one.
I recommend leaving the Libyan. I doubt if he would want to hang around waiting for the police inquiry or worse shoot you and be blamed for all the murders. He could get you over to Libya on his private jet and then it's a hop, skip, jump to Marbella. Sorted.

Shades Of Ansel said...

Go for the two Rothchilds,and you couldn't help hit Blair's mouth of Mangleson's head.Both are big enough to hit with a spare bit of buckshot.As for Gaddafi,Mother Nature's already shot that ugly fucker in the face.Several times.

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!! I thought it was you and your good lady and your 3 little comings. You should have alerted the Butler chappie and come in for a stiff one and then we could have made cucumber sandwiches with it. Waste not want not, in these times of hardship. The Rothschilds and us are down to our last hundred billion. Good God man, I had to drink the '32 instead of my usual '28 last night. Dammed disgrace, don't you know.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fantasist, you raise some very interesting possibilities. You are right though, the Libyan must be left alive, then we can blame him and bomb the old fucker in Tripoli, his father. Maybe even take out Megrahi at the same time and keep the yanks happy.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ansel. Your right. There is obviously some humping going on at this shindig. If someone is shagging Lord of the Ring, you could shoot them up the arsehole and take out two of them with one chamber. Stick the rest of them in Cherie's gub and blast her through the earhole and take what's left out. Or better, wait until the war criminal comes to pick her up and give the fucker both barrels.

banned said...

Go for the two Rothschilds but force them to sign a living will in your favour first. Next, point out to Gadaffi Jnr. that Mandelbum is a homophilliac who needs hurling from the mountainside ( the rooftop would probably do in this case ) then sell Cherie to him for a lifetime of white-slavery in the souks of old Tripli.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, strangely the thought of Cherie being sold into white slavery and being rodgered stupid by some crusty old arabs is giving me a tingling in the nether region. I am fast coming to the conclusion that I am a pervert!