Sunday, 29 November 2009


An up until now SECRET LETTER written by LORD GOLDSMITH in July 2002, a full eight months before the Iraq invasion advises Blair that any invasion would be a breach of INTERNATIONAL LAW.

In it, Lord Goldsmith set out in uncompromising terms why he believed war was illegal. He pointed out that:
War could not be justified purely on the grounds of 'regime change'.
Although United Nations rules permitted 'military intervention on the basis of self-defence', they did not apply in this case because Britain was not under threat from Iraq.
While the UN allowed 'humanitarian intervention' in certain instances, that too was not relevant to Iraq.  .

The letter caused pandemonium in Downing Street. Mr Blair was furious. No10 told Lord Goldsmith he should never have put his views on paper, and he was not to do so again unless told to by Mr Blair.  The reason was simple: if it became public, Lord Goldsmith's letter could make it impossible for Mr Blair to fulfil his secret pledge to back Mr Bush in any circumstances. More importantly, it could never be expunged from the record as copies were stored in No10 and in the Attorney General's office.

Day by day, the evidence grows against the WAR CRIMINAL TONY BLAIR and I live for the day when he is taken from court to a place of execution to be HANGED FOR TREASON against the British people.

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Mr Garrow said...

Unfortunately he can't be hanged for treason. New Labour abolished this Act in 1997.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mr Garrow, you're fucking kidding me on! It's 2.30 am but I'll need to investigate this further in the morning.

banned said...

Mr Blair committed his treason during time of war so it is thus High Treason.
I believe that you can still be hung for pissing on The Queens corgis.

Barking Spider said...

The high-pitched squeaking noise we can hear getting louder every day can be traced all the way back to Tony Blair's arsehole, DL!
Here's hoping that the remit of the inquiry is beefed up to what it should be after Brown and his rabble get the boot next year!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, ah but the trouble was that war wasn't officially declared. I mean we didn't get a Churchillian like figure on the Radio saying as of five o'clock tonight we are at war with Iraq. We just got fucking Blair telling us about WMD and the 45 minute warning and saying that his uncle Dubya had asked us if we wanted to join in and if so they would give us a wee bit of the country for ourselves, but not to get in the way when the American companies carved it up after the war to exploit their oil and infrastructure and if we were very lucky Halliburton might give Wimpey a block of flats to re-build. What was the question?

Oh yes you can get hung for pissing on the corgis, but only if there is an "R" in the month.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Well Spidey, let's hope the good Sir Chilcot gets enboldened if they get chucked out, which I keep on telling you is not a racing certainty.

Mr Garrow said...

Capital punishment was abolished for murder in 1969.
Parliament ratified the relevant protocols of the ECHR in 1998 (peacetime offences) and 2004 (wartime offences).

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mr Garrow. I kow it's abolished for murder etc., but I thought it was still on the statute book for treason.