Thursday, 12 November 2009


Doctors at University College, London are warning women about the dangers of LABIOPLASTY.
Women are undergoing the operation without knowing all the risks to try and get a aesthetically pleasing fanny like the picture opposite of my wife's hairy twat.
But Consultant Surgeon Douglas McGeorge says " it is simply removing a piece of loose flesh to leave behind an elegant looking LABIA. There are a number of reasons a woman may want this operation, for instance they might find it uncomfortable to ride a bike".
I'll tell you one thing, if women find it uncomfortable riding a bike with a large Labia, they want to try it with the equipment we men have got!
Personally I rather like a large Labia, but I may be in the minority. I think I may find out!


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Yes DL that's why some bikes come with a facility where you can hang by your tits.

Only difference in labia size I've heard is the pitch of the queef! Perhaps they are musically inclined?

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!!!! You must tell me more about these titty bikes. Do you need a certain size of tit or do they come in different sizes?

What about the one about the woman who knocks on the doctor's door at 2am. I've got a whistling fanny she tells him and right enough after she strips off her fanny whistles "God save the Queen" as she walks up and down. The doc says hold on I have to phone my colleague to let him hear this. This he does and he tells colleague listen to this, and he holds the phone up to her fanny as she walks. What do you think he asks colleague and he replies, are you trying to tell me you woke me at 2am to listen to some cunt whistling?

Barking Spider said...

INCOMING!!!!!!! -"the pitch of the queef" - fucking hilarious - LMFAO!

Dark Lochnagar said...

INCOMING!!!! I've just found out what "queef" means, excellent!

Anonymous said...

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