Friday, 6 November 2009


Tory Leader DAVID CAMERON'S anti-European credentials appeared to be in trouble tonight as he backtracked on his promise to hold a REFERENDUM ON THE LISBON TREATY and two MEPs resigned from the front bench. These were high profile DANIEL HANNAN and some twat called ROGERS HELMET or something similar.

Some FRENCH WANKER called something like LeTouche said Cameron's posturing was pathetic and AUTISTIC. (I bet parents' of Autistic children will love that!)

Dave, for FUCK'S SAKE, GRAB THE BULL BY THE HORNS and announce that if you win the Election we will have a vote on our continued membership of the E.C., which you will win at a canter. OK you might lose about 25% of the Party, but who GIVES A FUCK, it will have been the RIGHT THING ULTIMATELY FOR THE COUNTRY!


banned said...

Count me in as part of the 25% (=/-? ) who might cause Dave to lose the next election which should be a doddle due to Labours fuckwittery.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, if he can't beat those Labour fuckers after the shite they've served up over the last 12 years, then fuck me he has no chance of ever becoming PM and we would be as well vote for the Libthingies. (That's with my British hat on, with the Scottish one it's SNP)

autistic dave said...

The daft fucker should have just said he'll hold a referendum a year into the new parliament. Then just ignore it as the economy is more important blah blah.
Now he'll have to take abuse for months and won't be able to take the moral high ground anymore when the gorgon keeps breaking promises.
But it's good in one aspect. At least people who were fooled by him will see that he's just another Europhile. And incompetent to boot.
At least the gorgon broke his promises when in power Dave managed it while still in opposition.

Dark Lochnagar said...

True Dave, and might I say that for someone who is autistic you write very well. Keep it up young man!