Monday, 9 November 2009


Gordon Brown was forced to telephone the mother of a soldier killed in Afghanistan after he had sent her an error strewn letter, including getting her surname Janes wrong by writing James.
He also made a mistake on her son's name, Jamie.

Now while I admit that JAMIE JANES is a bit of a mouthful you would have thought that someone who purports to being an educated man could have written a better letter than this PATHETIC EFFORT. I mean it is a dead soldier's life we are talking about here.
I'm sorry though, I don't think it's the Prime Minister's responsibility to write letters to soldiers killed in Afghanistan, there's too much of this 'touchy feely shite' about now, but if he is, then he should be taking some care to make sure he gets them right. That's the kind of letter a 10 year old with learning difficulties would write.


arseholes are Brown said...

I've just written a few sentences with one eye closed and managed ok. So cyclops can't blame it on the dodgy eye.
Hopefully lessons will be learned from this sorry episode and we can move on. If he wasn't so busy solving boom and bust and saving the world then I'm sure his letters would look better than something that was left out for the milkman.
Too pynts and a pott off creem pleese.

Shades Of Ansel said...

If this fucking thickwit PM can't even SPELL,how the fuck can he be trusted to ruin,sorry,speling mistak,RUN the country.It wasn't just the soliders name tho was it.CUMFORT for example.For FUCKS SAKE,this man is the PM,and my 7 year old writes more legible letters.
And also,as for not bowing at the Cenotaph;does this really surprise us?No.He was probably thinking it would offend some fucking immigrant religion,and we can't be upsetting those cuntards can we.After all,they're the only fuckers that will vote for them in the next erection...DAMN,there I go again will my speling.
I have never been a man to HATE,but this government fills me with a rage i've never felt before.Lie after lie after lie.They don't give a flying shit that we are all human beings,with familys to support,with lives that are SO controlled,with laws that favour those that would do us harm.They break Freedom of Information laws covering up a policy of increasing immigration.Documents showed that in 2002 rules were relaxed to clear immigration applicants waiting for more than 12 months "without any further investigation into their case".Lies,lies and MORE lies.I'm so fucking pissed off with lies that if I actually heard the truth,I don't think I'd believe it,even if God himself came down from the pearly gates for a one-2-one

Dark Lochnagar said...

Arseholes, Ah but have you tried writing a letter whilst getting a blowjob from the Lord of the Ring! Thought not. Try it with your partner or the milkman when he comes, it's not so fucking easy!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ansel, you are obviously a very bitter and angry man. I would like to make a suggestion. Stick some money on Labour to win the next election and also for no overall control and believe me your money is safe. The Tories will have split asunder over Europe, with some of their vote going to UKIP. Very attractive odds of around 10/1 are still available and with the money you make you can either, emigrate(unlikely), pay a cheap hitman to take Brown out (possible) or get pished and fall out of your chair (likely). Either way should give you the satisfaction you desire.

Sir Fred of Shredsville said...

Forget about betting on elections. I bought RBS shares at 10p each a year ago and sold them for 71p each. Turned my £5 million into £35 million in less than a year. Get it up ya !

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sir Fred, if I had any spare money that is where I would be putting it. I wouldn't have sold at 71 p though. Are you a little timid?

Sir Fred the shredder said...

Well they tanked after that ( now at 40p). My inside knowledge came in handy !

Dark Lochnagar said...

Aye Fred, but you know the old rule about selling half when they double in price and hanging on to the rest because they haven't cost you anything. But of course as a man who run a major bank into the ground, you would know that!

Anonymous said...

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