Monday, 30 November 2009


'Smart meters' for gas and electricity are set to be approved for installation across the country in a huge project that could cost homes and businesses more than £500 each.

The meters are being presented as the key to doing away with estimated bills and encouraging families to cut down on their energy use by showing them how much they are using.  The huge scheme is to be unveiled by Climate Change Secretary, Ed Miliband, as part of a package of measures to cut the nation's carbon footprint ahead of the climate change summit in Copenhagen.

However, the cost of installation has been estimated by the Government at £9billion, while some analysts suggest the figure will be as high as £13.4billion.  Consumer groups fear that the major part of this bill will be passed on to housholders and could add up to £515 per family over a ten-year period.  It will be possible to send an electronic message to the meters to change the tariffs in line with price alterations. It will also allow companies to charge more during peak times. The meters could also be used to ration supplies across the network or cap electricity use in a particular household to a certain threshold.

DOES ANYONE TRUST THE POWER COMPANIES not to change tariffs, to charge extra when it's colder or cut your power if there's some problem with your DIRECT DEBIT.  I CERTAINLY DON'T.  As usual the Government will tell us they're bringing in safeguards, WHICH WON'T BE WORTH THE PAPER THEY'RE WRITTEN ON! 


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

DL you are bang on with the rationing angle. It is another subtle instrument of theft. I was talking to some friends yesterday about this very subject. I remembered when my grandparents would get silver for the meter. I always associate metering with the past and paucity.

Anonymous said...

I hate npower.
If you imagine the worst thing you could possibly hate, and then the worst thing that the worst thing you could possibly hate could possibly hate: well, I hate npower more than that.

How much more?

Well. If you imagine an even worse thing that the worst thing that the worst thing you could possibly hate could possibly hate, and you imagine how hateful that is, then I hate npower much more than that.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Incoming!!!!! Can you imagine if your bank messes up your DD and the power company isn't paid. Oh cut off. In the middle of January, too bad. Fucking freeze to death. Too old or poor, freeze to death. Fucking unbelievable.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Edgar, I heard somewhere that you hate N power. Is that correct and if so why???

banned said...

And guess who is the main investor in the biggest developer of smart meters ?
Step forward Mr. Al Gore !

They are just being ultra-nosey; if all they wanted to do was to monitor my energy use all they have to do is read my electric bill ( whivch they probably do already ).

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, it all comes down to control that big companlies want to have over our lives. Dupliticious politicians allow them power over our lives that they shouldn't be allowed to have. This will give them the power to turn off your power which is a basic requirement of modern life, at a whim. It's time this whole climate change shite was brought out into the open. I was watching the Antiques Roadshow and the expert was explaning to this woman how her piece of furniture evolved in the 1820s because there was a heatwave which meant that women sat on their sofas using adapted pieces of furniture. As he said, "Global Warming is not a new phenomenen".