Sunday, 25 October 2009



I believe it is. Time to get the Army into Westminster and sort out these greedy thieving BASTARDS. Show them how their 42 days detention without trial really works. If they're found guilty of serious theft of public money and I wouldn't rule out torture, put them before a firing squad and that would include half of the thieving old fuckers in the Lords.

Then hold new elections. Those standing for Parliament would be under no illusions that if they didn't take the job to SERVE THE PUBLIC and instead were in it for what they could get, they would also be dealt with at a future date.

Their first job would be to pull us out of the E.C. unless they got rid of all the shite P.C. legislation that has been foisted on us over the last twenty years. I am sure that the Armies in France, Germany and Spain to name but three would also rise up in support of the people.

The new Parliament's second job would be to get rid of all the STATE SURVEILLANCE APPARATUS. The CAMERAS that snoop on our daily lives, I.D. cards, biometric passports, speed cameras etc.

Their third job would be to install some discipline in the country and get rid of this fucking "laissez-faire" attitude. People should have respect for themselves, other people and their country whether they see that as being Scotland, England, Wales or Britain and they should also have a pride in their achievements and the achievements of their country.

We should then become a Republic with an elected President along the American model on a fixed term of five years and no second term, an elected Parliament although not always with the same political beliefs as the President on a four year term AND WE SHOULD HAVE A WRITTEN CONSTITUTION. My own personal wish would be that this would be a Scottish Government, independent of the current set-up, but this would of course, be democratically voted on.



INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Oh yes DL, like it. One further suggestion is lead pill contraception for any spawn of previously elected phekkwtiz, no system not even your's DL will be perfect, that come sniffing near elected office. BTW that's the one case where biometrics would come in handy. We'd find out which foundation bitchboys were letting there gammettes out of control and secretly juxtaposing their reproductive organs.

A fresh start said...

Yes but a complete withdrawal from the EU. Reclaim our fishing grounds and no more Common Agricultural Policy nonsense. Become equal trading partners with our European friends.
A ban on all present MPs and MSPs from standing for re election.
Close down the House of Lords and an end to the monarchy after QE2 dies.
All profits made by MPs' on second homes etc to be repaid to the state and full criminal prosecutions carried out on fraudulent claims.
A war crimes tribunal to indict Blair and Brown and members of the cabinet who took us into illegal wars.
A court set up to investigate rendition and torture and the states attempt to cover it up.
An investigation into the states role in allowing free access to the UK to foreigners in order to destroy our identity.
A stop to all immigration and a withdrawal of troops back to the UK to defend our borders.
Exile or prison for any attempts by foreigners to introduce sharia law into the UK or to incite hatred against our troops or citizens.
And finally. Celtic and Rangers to be banished to the English 4th division for inciting bigotry and racial hatred and their places to be taken by Dundee FC and Ayr United.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Ayr United? Hahahahahahahahaha......

Anonymous said...

LOL... let's do it.

Over on Munguin's Republic, I've posted about yet another thieving bastard who has blatently lied to do us out of £230,000 by saying she lived in Glasgow when she has, all her life lived in London. Lady Goudie.

Seriously, I'm sure that no one who has lived through a "tanks on the street" situation would advocate it, but something MUST be done.

I firmly believe that the UK is in the mess that it is because no one does anything about anything.

We used to sit and moan, and now we sit and blog and moan, but, at the end of the day we either vote the way we always voted, or we stay at home. It really is high time we did something to show them that they just can't get away with it. But what?

Please please, can we just have an independent Scotland?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Incoming!!!!! Excellent ideas. It shows how intelligent my readers are. Now we're getting ideas left righ and centre. We need to get onto the Army next. Anyone know anybody in the T.A., because the regulars are probably in Afghanistan and we have to act quickly!

Dark Lochnagar said...

A Fresh Start. What a raft of excellent ideas particularly the one about Ayr and Dundee. Keep the ideas coming and I might make you Home Secretary. What about the one brought up by Mr Griffin on that little TV prog the other night about men kissing in the street. Can we ban that too?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mr Nesbett, just because you have sold out to the socailist, old firm supporting, sister paper of the Daily Retard, please do not denegrade a fine non-sectarian team, without whose Directors' help, Mr Murray would not have been Chairman of Rangers and any success that you have had since the Souness era wouldn't have happened. I thank you.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, let's go! If we were French we would have shut off every trunk road in the country by dumping steaming piles of shite. The tanks on the street are ok if they';re on your side! Independence is fine with me, I'll give Alex a phone and see what he says.

banned said...

Trouble is Brown has got all of our troops and kit tied up in Afghanistan, barely able to replace their own casualties.

Met some University OTC girlies yesterday; they were supposed to have spent the weekend doing field training but because of cutbacks the OTC could not afford to hire the coach FFS ! They spent the weekend doing stuff in barracks instead.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, fucking ridiculous, the fuckwit. Yet the bastard throws money at the bankers and yet leaves our troops over there undertrained and underequiped.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

DL, as a Killie resident it is required to laugh at Ayr United. It's a local by-law or something...

As for the Sunday Fail, they are a bunch of cheeky cunts for lifting from my blog. Not a penny changed hands.

And as for Mr Murray, fair point!

A fresh start said...

If Rankers FC are now owned by Lloyds Banking Group ( Daily Herald article today - £30million required asap) then that means they are owned by the taxpayer since we bailed out the bank. I think the cooncil should shut them down today. No more Boyd and his bunch of cheating diving bastards. Beauty !!
Rab. What's Ayr like in the winter ? I can't go to the ugly sisters grounds on principle but I used to love going to Butlins so would certainly go to away games at Ayr United.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rab it's only law if you follow the scum. You are a Rangers man, you are supposed to wear your sash and support Labour like you've been told!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fresh start. I am an Ayr man not Rab who lives in that pile of putrid, shite called Kilmarnock 15 miles or so north of the county town. Ayr is very pleasant on a winter's day and one can sample the delights of a stadium still built in the traditional way all grounds were, ie standing. As such one can warm one's body as you are not sitting in a prone position and your legs don't collapse from under you when you go for your pie and bovril at half-time because the blood has drained away from the entire lower half of your body. Or is that just me?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Is Somerset Park still like a giant skip with grass in the middle?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Yes Robert, we keep the skip for the killie scum when we play them.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rab, p.s. If you go into administration does that mean you get relegated to the third division like Livi?

Anonymous said...

The throne is our protection from tyranny.
And we already have a WRITTEN Constitution...made up of 6 legal documents including the Magna carta and the 1689 English bill of rights.
What you should be asking is:
Why do all our ministers pretend it doesn't exist and why do they want to re-write our bill of rights?
Simplez.....I know you?