Thursday, 29 October 2009


SECRET plans to seize more than £4billion a year from Britain and make its citizens pay taxes direct to Europe emerged last night.

The leaked proposals, seen by DARK LOCHNAGAR, state that Britain should lose the billions of pounds in rebate that was agreed by Margaret Thatcher 25 years ago.

The plans – with a foreword by European Union Commissioner Jose Manuel Barroso – would cost every British family at least £155 a year. They would also mean Brussels being given the power to dip straight into taxpayers’ pockets.




Ex Labour said...

I think Blair and Browns tenure will be remembered for destroying the economy. Taking us into 2 illegal wars. Taking £60 billion out of private pensions by scrapping tax relief. Not ending boom and bust. Reducing the strengh of sterling by 35%.Hijacking the BBC. Making our police force a stasi force. Introducing a DNA database. Introducing secret recordings of CCTV, internet, phone and text. Destroying education. Introducing student loans. Scrapping the referendum on the EU treaty. Increasing taxes. Increasing the public sector. Increasing immigration to " spite the right". Funding Islamic terrorists. Funding political assasinations of dissidents. Keeping quiet about torture and rendition. Underfunding the RAF leading to the loss of a Nimrod, a Puma and hundreds of ground troops. Reducing funding to the TA. Undermining Scotland by giving us Jim Murphy, Iain Gray and Jackie Bailley ( new health secretary - fat fucker more like ). Failing to warn the general public about our uncontrollable debt mountain of £1trillion and rising. Introducing one sided extradition to our masters in the US. Giving us banana republic elections with secret postal ballots ( 6,000 postal ballots lost in Glenrothes) Giving Baron Martin a peerage despite being sacked for corruption. Bringing us an army of snoopers in every street and supermarket. Checking how much we drink eat or smoke.
Bailing out the banks to the tune of £300billion and rising yet allowing them to have bonuses this year. Failing to prosecute MPs who have used our taxes to fund property portfolios and wanks. And basically being an anti democratic bunch of traitors who will get their comeuppance. If not here then in the afterlife.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ex Labour, that is the best comment anyone has ever left. Congratulations. Do you have your own blog and if not why not?

p.s. A greater Europe is still our biggest danger in my estimation and I have only come to that conclusion over the last 6 months or so.

banned said...

Bravo Ex Labour ! Do you claim copyright for that splendid resume of labours rule ?

DL I mentioned this thingey about Euro Tax to an MEP I met on a train today. She told me it was nonsense because A) EU does not have the power ( which I disputed, post Lisbon it can give itself whatever power it wants ) and B) It could not work without UK being in the Euro, which seems more reasonable.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I lifted the article straight from the Express and although they,, like the Mail are a bit (!) anti-EC, I believe there is no smoke without fire. I am not sure that your average MEP will have read the Lisbon Treaty anyway. I don't see why not being in the Euro would stop them, presumeably our Treasury would have to collect any euro tax they levied as would the other countrys' Treasuries and the tax would be a percentage for instance of an air ticket, so it wouldn't matter if it was in Euros, Pounds or Monopoly Money for that matter.

P.S. Copyright on Ex Labour's content is owned jointly between him and me under Bloggers code, paragraph 9, subsection 5a. So don't be pasting it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dark Lochnagar,

It might be useful to look at the leaked document itself, rather than trust the Express.

Frankly, the article published by the Express is a tissue of misrepresentations and half-truths. And the Express isn't simply "a bit" (!) anti-EC, it's also a sensationalist rag that will print whatever it can get away with in order to sell copy. The Telegraph (for instance) is also a bit anti-EC, but it also has a reputation to maintain and I doubt it would stoop to this level.

There's no proposal for an EU income tax. That's an out-and-out lie. In fact, this "EU income tax" isn't even mentioned in the article itself, and it's extremely likely that it was tacked on there by the editor. The draft Budget Report does contain suggestions for alternative ways of funding the EU than the current "blunt instrument" of taking 1% of GNI from each Member State - but such proposals have been made before, they inevitably hit the brick wall of national Governments' political sensitivities and I very much doubt that this time will be any different.

As for the rebate, there has always been a drive to abolish it ever since it was introduced - just as there has been a drive to eliminate the reasons why we asked for it in the first place. The two go hand in hand. If we get the CAP reform we want, we no longer have moral grounds on which to continue to ask for a rebate.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Hi Keith, thanks for your interesting contribution. I trawled through the report and although I am still cock-eyed, I think the telling section comes on page 29 onwards. There is no doubt in my mind that the E.C. is working towards a tax which will be levied across the E.C.. This will probably be in the area of a "green" levy. I agree the Express story looks a bit sensationist, but I suppose they want to sell copy. They have been talking about reforming the CAP for the last 20 years at least, do you think we will see any progress in the next twenty when the farming lobby in France, Benelux and Germany is so strong? I have my doubts.

I have become aware of the Globalisation issues over the last 6 months or so and I am sure that the Lisbon Treaty is the first step towards that conclusion.

Are you a supporter of the E.C.?

Anonymous said...

I saw that too DL. Now was it in the Dandy or was it the Express...? Och, one of them.....


Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, in truth there's not much difference! Problem is what do you read if you want a Scottish slant without it being an anti SNP rant like the Hootsman?

Ex Labour said...

Thanks DL. Just think what I could write if I was ever sober !
No I've not got my own blog. It would just make me even more bitter and twisted. But thanks for giving the public space on your blog to get things off their chest.
I wouldn't fret too much over the EU. Cameron and Salmond are keen to stay in so things aren't going to change however much you shout. The EU is too powerful now to be stopped.
It will just speed up the day when there will be food riots and power cuts in the UK. It might actually be better bringing things to a head sooner rather than later.
I've got my spare bedroom stashed with cans of tomato soup and have just bought a woodburning stove so I should be ok. Now where's my tinfoil hat. Oops I'm wearing it. I forgot I now put it on before going online.


copyright is DL's !

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ex Labour, I am afraid your right about the E.C. My only consolation is that I'm 55 and don't have any kids, so hopefully it's not going to impinge too much on my miserable existence on the mortal coil!

Please feel free to comment anytime from your bunker. Did you remember a tin opener?

Ex Labour said...

No tin opener required these days DL.
All heinz cans now come with a ringpull which is excellent forward planning on their part.
Fray Bentos corned beef tins also have a ringpull but I've not mastered that yet.

Dark Lochnagar said...

There would have been a lot of circumcisions if condoms came in a corn beef tin!