Tuesday, 27 October 2009



After images of a drunken student urinating on a poppy wreath provoked a national outcry, extra security was laid on during a Carnage UK pub crawl in Sheffield last night.
Bouncers stood guard and barriers were installed around the city's war memorial in Barker's Pool.
The precaution comes after drunken student Philip Laing, aged 19, was caught on camera desecrating the memorial, and
was later seen collapsing in the gutter laughing.

Or even better, give him a rifle, two bullets, a helmet and a nappy and sent the FUCKER to AFGHANISTAN!


fuckwits need fuckin said...

He'll still be laughing when he gets out. Watching DVD's and going exploring in Africa etc is a good laugh.
I'd still be fuckin laughing myself if I was in his shitty boots.
Personally I'd bury him up to his head in excrement. Fire dogshit at him under pressure so he's forced to swallow it. Then flay his skin and roll him in chillis and vinegar.
See if he likes those fuckin apples !

banned said...

Carnage put on a gig near here recently and the local radio spent all day warning us of the perils including a soundbite from plod reassuring us that the event would be policed " robustly ".

All that happens is that Carnage hire a couple of city centre nite-spots ( on a quiet night ). Students then pay £10 'membership' for which they get a free T-Shirt to allow access. They still have to pay for drinks, some will drink to oblivion like that desecrating twat but most won't.


Not a big deal really.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fuckwits, I think you're letting him off a bit easy there.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I thought the fucking students didn't have any money. They seem to have plenty to get pished. Fuck me! I'm beginning to sound like my father!

Tcheuchter said...

I'm thinking this is the sort of offence best dealt with by the punishment of the birch. At the time the boy probably had little idea of the upset he would be causing and the pain and humiliation of a public thrashing would cause him to give more thought to his actions in the future.

Prison would introduce him to even more unsavoury characters than he already consorts with and would cost the public purse far too much.

I believe there is still a birching table in the West Highland museum in Fort William. It could be used.

Anonymous said...

It's too horrible to make a joke out of.

He should be sent to work for 6 months in a hospital where soldiers are sent to recover from their horrific wounds after fighting. They aren't fighting for us at the moment, but they are fighting because our fuckwitted prime minister has sent them. They deserve our respect as much as the Prime Minister and this little twat (with, from what I can see, a very small penis) deserve our revulsion.

Anonymous said...

As an after thought. People like him make you glad that there are student loads and not grants any more. At least we know he will be saddled with debt for the rest of his life.

That said, we have all (or most of us) been pissed as a fart and sometimes a mixture of too much drink and not quite enough exp-erience does make people do things that they wish that they had never done.

I still stand by my "6 months in a hospital" fetching and carrying for injured soldiers, but come on, which one of us can say we never did anything daft and disrespectful when we were drunk kids?

Maybe there are some.... probably not.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tcheuchter, I seem to remember back when I was a wean about two neds from Glasgow getting birched in the Isle of Man, could be late 60s or 70s, that's 1960/70s, you cheeky bastards. Anyway their table must be in a museum somewhere and as I am told Cyclops has cut their funding perhaps they would sell it cheap! Anyway these two neds turned out in later life to be Topny Blair and Gordon Brown and it didn't do them any harm. Not that they've started any illegal wars or fucked the country or killed innocent scientists or sold our gold reserves at rock bottom prices........

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, you are right we are trivialising an important subject an important subject which is why I posted it in the first place. I only hope that his parents and grandparents have enough about them to be thoroughly embarrassed at seeing their son's picture splattered over the National Press, but somehow I have my doubts.

Actually although I have been pissed countless times being overfond of drink all my life, I would have to say I don't think I have ever done anything as stupid as that although I did spend 2 hours once in my front hedge sleeping but that was about the worst!

However you are fairly new to this blog and I hope you continue to visit and give us the benefit of your comments which I really value becvause at the end of the day that's why you write a blog to interract but you will find that due to the nature of the eejits who come on here, although their concerns are heartfelt, we often resort to humour.

Anonymous said...

Thanks DL. By the same token you wil always be welcome at Munguin's Republic....

We might be a wee bit more sedate than you are here, lol, but we still try to be interesting.