Thursday, 8 October 2009


Am I the only one who gets FUCKING PISSED OFF when commenting on other sites about having to use word verification.

FUCK ME! Some of them are getting so long now that the word verification is longer than the FUCKING COMMENT and some of them you need a MAGNIFYING GLASS to try and work them out particularly when it's a combination of letters and numbers. I realise what they are for but has anyone actually had a computer POSTING COMMENTS ON THEIR SITE?


Conan the Librarian™ said...

AMW had a dating agency posting on his DL.

the computer says no said...

That "underdog bites upwards" blog is a fuckin twat to comment on. Two words to copy and they look like they're written underwater or something. WTF is that all about ? You have to be on an acid trip to read it. Most sites are ok though if it's just one word and easy writing.

O/T but there must be a lot of good material from the football world for you to write about DL.

Scotland playing Japan with their 3rd 11. Plane nearly crashing in London due to carrying too many egos.
Boyd blowing his nose so hard that he broke it. Blue to red nose bastard ?
England match live on internet only. How the fuck can you expect blokes to watch the internet for 2 hours without having a wank ?

Gigits said...

I hate fucking wv as well. It's a bastard when viewing on my mobile.

Come on, bloggers, take your wv off. Live life on the edge!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I think on mines there is no word verification. It is a total pain in the tits.

banned said...

Some have a sort of three stage process where it twice tells you that your comment cannot be processed, at the third attempt it finally asks for WV, if you haven't already given up by then.
However, I have noticed that if one is foiled by a complicated WV, a simpler one replaces it.

O/T on an ( alleged ) movie download site, that I have never visited, it asks for a WV before allowing comments on the nature of the movie ( that I have not watched because that would be illegal ) but you can type in any old nonsense and it will still publish your comment.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Thank fuck guys, I thought it was just me. The worst one is when you post your comment thinking it's been accepted then it is you with word verification.The Daily Mail is definately the worst I have come across because you have to tick boxes as well agreeing to this and that.

Dark Lochnagar said...

C.S.N. Love your comment about the English Game! I don't know if you are Scottish but if you are you will be aware than 80% of Scottish men support either one of the Old Firm therefore I refrain from commenting about them as I cannot afford to lose half my loyal punters. (Sorry, I didn't mean LOYAL in any sectarian way), (see what I mean). I can however comment about Boyd as I support Ayr and he is an ex Killie scum and is consequently a thick cunt. Rab C. does I believe live in said Kilmarnock but does I believe support those of a Govan bent which is not suprising considering where he originally hails from. The Scottish team are more to be pitied than scorned particularly as their Manager G. Burley, both played and managed Ayr in his day, although we sacked him as a manager because he was shite.

It's the 350 daft bastards that are paying around £1000 to go and support them I feel sorry for.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Conan, I wish to fuck I had a dating agency posting on mine. I might get the wife a lumber!

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

DL, Somerset Park makes my street look like Beverly Hills...

And Killie are pish too.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Never forgot Rab, that Ayr gave you David Murray in a free transfer as he wanted to put money in Ayr first but the Directors turned him down on the reccomendation of Fucking Ally McLeod. We could have had Ibrox at Somerset and all these thick Irish cunts wouldn't have had as far to come when they got off the ferry!

Anonymous said...

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