Wednesday, 9 September 2009


The Lord fatty Foulkes M.S.P. is to be of some use for the first time in his whisky sodden life as he is named as Captain of the SCOTTISH SHITE TALKING TEAM FOR THE FOLLOWING COMMENTS!

THE National Conversation's document on foreign affairs is a "blueprint" for First Minister Alex Salmond to be made Secretary-General of the United Nations, it has been claimed by the Lord Foulkes, known to his friends as FUCK-PIG FOULKES.

"Mr Salmond's ego is so huge that you can imagine this section was drafted by him in the vain hope he might be able to take such a role," Lord Foulkes said.

A spokesman for Mr Salmond said: "It's wonderful to welcome Labour to the National Conversation – and excellent that they are accepting Scotland will become an independent nation."

Does the FAT FUCKER really just say the first thing that comes in to his DRINK SODDEN BRAIN?


labourluvvies said...

We need more MP's like Lord Fuckpig.
The drunken old trougher helps us to see how incompetent Labour are.
Spud Murphy, Bendy Wendy, Blinky Balls, BoyMilliband, gayLord Fondleboys, Cyclops the Snotgobbler, Jackboot Jackie, Iain Greyman etc..
How could one party have so many fuckwits ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

They just don't seem to have one who is not a fuckwit. I reckon they must have gone through the gene pool.

Anonymous said...

It is believed that Lord Fuckkes has cost the Scottish Parliament nearly £150,000 by asking really shite questions at God knows how much a question? The guy used to my MP. Although I never voted for this Fanny! there was never a sadder site than to see my late Father and a lot of other ex-miners voting for this twat. He's an arsehole of the highest order that needs to be hit by an old woman and a Policeman to see how he likes it. Drunken Pig. Oh and his Party is utter shite. Who the hell is that English Fat Transvestite that is always shouting crap across the floor and is joined by her nooding dog friend Cathy Jamieson? Is s/he Pre or Post OP?