Tuesday, 15 September 2009


There was a shocking incident at the MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARDS last night when two Bints who nobody had ever heard of as far as I know, Pink, (the old twat on the left) and Shakira, (the dyed blond on the right), both turned up in the same dress.

Well, FUCK ME, there was some ruction until someone noticed that the old twat wasn't wearing knickers as she had dandruff on her shoes.

I've been to a few occasions when all the men have been dressed in Dinner Suits. But I don't suppose that's the same thing! Anyway there's always some fucker in a white tuxedo, kidding on he's a film star or something.

Sorry slow news day!


MILF hunter said...

I'd go for the MILF. Shakira might start singing and put me off my stride.

Dark Lochnagar said...

So would I motherfucker, but only because I prefer older birds, (being an old bastard myself)!