Monday, 14 September 2009


Ministers were branded ‘corrupt’ this evening for agreeing a secret deal with Libya that will make it impossible to bring the killer of a British policewoman to justice in the UK.

In a new favour for the Gaddafi regime, the Foreign Office agreed to drop their demands to try the murderer of WPC Yvonne Fletcher, who was gunned down outside the Libyan Embassy in London in 1984.

The deal was signed off by Justice Secretary Jack Straw three years ago, when he was Foreign Secretary -- at a time when Britain was negotiating trade and oil deals with the regime in Tripoli.

The more we find out about these 'secret deals' between the CORRUPT LABOUR PARTY and the murdering BASTARD, COLONEL GADDAFI, the more shocking the affair becomes.

What do you want to bet that money from the Libyans, has or will find it's way, one way or another into the bloodstained hands of of these TRAITORS TO THEIR CAUSE AND THEIR COUNTRY.


method in our madness said...

Hopefully with the SAS now training them they may be able to pick out their targets better rather than just letting rip Arab style. Weren't they aiming at some anti Libyan protestors ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

From memory I think that that was the theory by the Police. However I don't think anyone found out the real reason.