Sunday, 6 September 2009


Holyrood fury over FBI chief’s demands
EXCLUSIVE By Campbell Gunn

THE FBI phoned a Scots police force in the middle of the night and demanded Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill’s address after he freed the Lockerbie bomber.
The Lothian and Borders force was told at 2 am an official from the US Embassy wanted to deliver a letter from FBI Director Robert Mueller. Mr Mueller was so furious at the decision to release the bomber he wanted the letter hand-delivered.
He had ordered an official from London to travel to Edinburgh, hand over the letter and wait while Mr MacAskill gave a response.

Lothian and Borders Police refused to give out the details but contacted officials at the Justice Secretary’s private office.
They informed the FBI there were set procedures in such cases and delivering a message to Mr MacAskill at his home in the middle of the night was out of the question.

The FBI chief’s actions have sparked political fury at Holyrood. THE FBI was also told it couldn’t phone up and demand the home address of a cabinet minister of another country. Scottish Government officials are understood to be angry with the FBI’s high-handed attitude, pointing out no-one would dare call up the FBI and demand the home address of a senior member of the US Government.

The Sunday Post contacted the FBI in Washington for a comment and we were asked to put the request in an email, which we did on Thursday morning.
We have received no response.
So as a result we have a message for Mr Mueller on behalf of the Sunday Post and the people of Scotland, " GO AND FUCK YOURSELF"!


tugger said...

Some seriously weird stuff going on here. The letter from Mueller was probably a fake. So full of errors. It says there was a jury at the Lockerbie trial. No there wasn't. It says Macaskill was a prosecutor. No he wasn't.
Probably just terrified that Megrahi would spill the beans over in Libya.
No worries there.
He'll be morphined off to lala land by the Gaddafi regime who aren't too keen to air the truth either.
More about the letter here.

tugger said...

google this aswell

The Strange Disappearance of Lester K. Coleman a.k.a Lex Coleman Reporter, Talk Show Host

CrazyDaisy said...


Fuckin septics need to get their own shit in order before daring to poke they're unwanted nose in our affairs.

Suck my wake!


Dark Lochnagar said...

He's one fucking arrogant Son of a Bitch!

Lincoln County said...

Calm down ladies. It's just a letter.

Anonymous said...

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Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, Thank you, I try to please! Please come back and visit and comment O/T or not. Use a name even if it is made up, it helps me distinquish between anonymouses!

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