Wednesday, 30 September 2009


JK Rowling was denied a Presidential award because George Bush believed Harry Potter 'encouraged witchcraft'

JK Rowling lost out on the U.S.'s highest civilian honour because members of the Bush administration objected to the author's perceived promotion of sorcery, a new book claims.
Matt Latimer, a former speech writer for George W Bush, states in Speechless: Tales Of A White House Survivor that as a result her name was not included amongst those receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The award acknowledges contributions to the U.S. national interest, world peace or cultural endeavours.




The Young Oligarch said...

I don't think they're the sort of books you would have been given as a Sunday School prize , DL , long ago though that was .

Bush saw in them exactly what our Sunday School teachers would have seen .

Wasn't the world a better place when people were concerned with Christian morality rather than Marxist political correctness ?

Looking out my living room window it certainly seems that way .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Y.O. I take your point as I have to admit I've never read any of her books or indeed watched any of the films, not having kids. I hate P.C. as much as the next free thinking blogger, but I am also worried that the western world could have been and could again be run by such a half-wit.

Richard Dawkins said...

Bush and Obama believe that the world was made in 6 days and that there are angels and that virgins can give birth and water can be turned into wine etc.... Much weirder beliefs than any Harry Potter book.

Dark Lochnagar said...

True Ricardo. Why would we want a "special" relationship with these fuckers, they're wired!

The Young Oligarch said...

Like I said earlier DL , I prefered a world where people thought about what was right and wrong , rather than what felt right or wrong for them .

The former is one informed by Christian principles , the latter is the Marxist nihilism we currently have to endure .

So , Richard Dawkins , fuck off and experiment on some innocent animals ! Or why not be hyper-rational , like the great scientist Dr. Mengele ?

I don't agree that Harry Potter is anything evil or sinister (I once showed one of the films to a Learning Support class I was baby-sitting , and they just saw it as a fairy-story). I can , however , see that it shouldn't be held up as a cultural or moral model , especially if you're serious about preserving culture and promoting morality .

I also don't feel entirely comfortable with the "Bush is a moron!" bit .

It seems to me to be a Democrat pose .

According to them Dubya was an idiot , Reagan was an idiot and Ford was an idiot (well, he was , so that's probably where it started).
Bush the First didn't get this treatment because Clinton was doing his good ol' boy , regular kinda guy pose , so negative intellect was a bonus then .

If I can see this pattern from Motherwell , and with my failing eye-sight , there must be something there !

CrazyDaisy said...


Nothing wrong with HP - everything wrong with the bible and christianity as a control mechansim for gullable fuckers.

Perception is everything. Faith and hope are both spiritually misleading...

Meditate on it, the truth is inside.



Richard Dawkins said...

The Young Oligarch

Brown and Blair and Bush are all committed Christians. Didn't stop them enjoying a bit of ' Shock and Awe ' over Baghdad. Or covering up the torture and murder of detainees. But like in previous centuries it's only Heathens they're slaughtering. But of course we keep hearing that they weren't real Christians.
You say I should " fuck off and experiment on animals " And associate me with Mengeles. And you believe in Christian principles and are in charge of a learning support group. I'm an atheist but I would never speak to a stranger like that. I'm worried that you are allowed access to vulnerable minds.
Our religion depends on where we were born and who got to our young minds first. Islam in the middle east and Christianity in the West.
Christianity threatens eternal damnation in a burning hell unless you believe. To live a life of servitude on fear of torture is a poor way to live.
To ignore carbon dating and evidence of the evolution of earth over billions of years because a book written by a deranged peasant thousands of years ago said the world was made in 6 days is madness.
Why not just be a good person ?

The Young Oligarch said...

Richard Dawkins .

Let us remind ourselves what you said to a stranger about his deeply-held beliefs -

"Bush and Obama believe that the world was made in 6 days and that there are angels and that virgins can give birth and water can be turned into wine etc.... Much weirder beliefs than any Harry Potter book."

A grotesquely offensive portrayal of a religion which anyone brought up as a Christian in a predominantly Christian society would find revolting and worthy of the strongest condemnation .

As I believed I was in a forum frequented by middle-aged Scotsmen , not shrinking-violet Leftie drama queens , I used robust language . I was wrong in that assumption , obviously .

To charicature Christianity in the terms which you have done invites similarly extreme comparisons to atheism and nihilism . Josef Mengele was a man who put his atheistic , scientific research above conventional Christian morality .

How free from evil Christian thought control !

To accuse Christians of the crimes you have done offers up an open goal to us believers to accuse atheism of being responsible for the much worse crimes of National Socialism and Communism - both of which spoke of Christianity in the terms you do and sought to make people "good" in their own image , as you do .

I mentioned this in the first place as DL will , no doubt , remember the days when Christianity played a greater role in our society and society was all the better for it .

You sound quite young , so perhaps you don't remember . Some of us do and notice the change any time we look out our windows .

It was from this utilitarian approach which I originally commented .

It was YOU who turned it into something different .

You are "worried" that I am "allowed access to vulnerable minds" ? Who's going to stop me ?
You and your thought control atheist buddies ?

Were I talking to a similarly red-faced lower-middle class Scotsman in a pub , I would call him a "Totalitarian Fuck" at this point , but as I'm not , I won't .

Richard Dawkins said...

The Young Oligarch.

I said

""Bush and Obama believe that the world was made in 6 days and that there are angels and that virgins can give birth and water can be turned into wine etc.... Much weirder beliefs than any Harry Potter book."

Which part of this statement is incorrect ? The bible stories sounded weird when I was a child studying Noahs Ark and as I've tried to understand the bible more it just gets more weird. But all these stories are in your bible.
I'm not that young unfortunately. I've been to war zones in the Armed Forces. I've worked around the world including the worst regimes in the middle east. I've visited Auschwitz. Read Mengeles assistants accounts of his experiments. Seen the ovens and left disgusted and shocked at what men can do.
I've got no illusions about the depravity that is now prevalent in our society. But to blame it on the lack of Christian principles is nonsense and a cop out.
Most of the decay and lack of accountabiity has developed since Labour came to power. Dedicated Christians. Bastard children are no longer even an issue. It's the norm. Single parenthood has become a badge of honour and a road to better housing and benefits. Same sex marriage to be saluted and feted over. Working for a living is seen as pointless by millions of the underclass. Violence and sexual assault a common occurence.
What I'm basically saying is that we are governed by people with Christian principles yet we are sliding into a greater moral decay. How can this be ?

The Young Oligarch said...

Richard Dawkins -

You are entitled to your beliefs , even although , through reductio ad absurdum , you attack and belittle the beliefs of others .

I am amazed that you can stretch your imagination to believing that Blair and Brown are Christians , far less that the Labour Party has had any vestige of Christianity in it for decades .

While it had some Christian socialists , defectors from the Liberals , at the very beginning , since the 70's it has been exclusively a vehicle for hard-left Marxists covertly to further their agenda of societal destruction .

Don't believe me ? Try asking a Labour voter's opinion on almost any social topic and compare those views to those of a Labour activist and a Consrvative one . You will find some strange contrasts and comparisons .

Blair became an RC because he identifies with the Liverpool Irish victim-identity of his gobby wife . Christianity does not inform any of his noxious views .

Similarly Brown parades his "Presbyterian conscience" in England . In Scotland all traces of Presbyterianism are stamped upon by his Marxist organisation as we Presbyterians are , apparently the Kulak oppressors of the workers . More to the point , if he's such a big Presbyterian , how come Damien McBride's job interview consisted , allegedly , of a discussion about how great The Sellik were ?

Religion , to these men , is merely another facet of their Gramscian identity politics .

They are atheists , or , in the case of Blair , too vacuous to realise what a principle or a belief is .

Richard Dawkins said...

The young Oligarch..

I expected you to denounce Blair and Brown as non Christians. It's the same with Islam. Jihadis aren't proper muslims etc. Being an atheist I don't care what people say is their religion as long as it doesn't affect me and I don't have to agree with it. Unfortunately Bush and Blair have used their alleged Christianity to kill a lot of people in their crusade. Including many British servicemen. That's when it gets personal.
When was this golden era of Christian principles that you mourn ? Can you give me a rough timescale ?

The Young Oligarch said...

Bush is a Christian , undoubtedly .

Blair and Brown - doubtful , as I've said .

The Jihadis are proper Muslims , any other interpretation is propagandist shite , as far as I'm concerned .

The Golden Age was when Saturn ruled in Italy .

No age is perfect , but the staggering decline in public morals , education and culture I've seen during my lifetime , and the decency of my elders both living and now departed , indicates to me that atheistic Marxism and relative morality are having a disastrous effect on our society .

You will note that I am approaching this from a utilitarian , cultural point of view . I would not attempt to convince others of the rightness of Christianity as I am not a good or religious man . I merely comment on what I have observed .

A bit of humility and absolute morality would do us all a lot of good .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Guys, I think you all have valid points. I am baptised a Christian but I wouldn't say that I now believe that's in the bible. I do think it was a series of stories made up to frighten and control medieval man. In saying that I am old enogh to remember a "christian" society and yes it was a better place to live in. I think what has fucked things up is the P.C. mob. I knew when I was a boy if a policeman caught me doing something I shouldn't, he would boot me up the arse. If I went home and told my dad he would have tanned my said arse. Nowadays they would be phoning fucking childline and the child would be taken away from the parents and the policeman's career would have been ruined. I think what I am saying is that in those days everyone knew the rules and kept to them and if they broke the rules they knew the consequence. You didn't kave kids for instance unless you could support them. Nowadays they feel it is a right to produce squads of weans that they can't control and that the taxpayers have to keep.

On the other hands, I also believe and it is a recognised fact that most wars in history have been caused because of religion amongst "my God is better than your God" brigade and there is no doubt in my mind that these muslim bastards will cause the next war, although probably not in my lifetime.

Now this is my blog and I enjoy an arguement between my readers, but please keep the personal abuse down or I will have to moderate. Feel free to call anybody who does not participate in this blog any names you want however.

The Young Oligarch said...

Sorry , DL .

I've taken my pills now and I'll stop shouting at passers-by soon .

Richard Dawkins said...

Yes sorry DL. And to you too Oligarch
Although I'm feeling a lot better now after a good rant ; )
I think it's witchcaft rather than withcraft though ( your headline). Forgot to mention that earlier.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I didn't mean for you to stifle your debate, I was enjoying it. Thanks for that comment about the leader Richard, I've sacked the proof-reader, he drunk to much anyway!

Biffo said...

Having read all the HP books they are based around wizards & witches BUT there is a strong moral slant to them too. It's good against evil & good eventually triumphs. As for Bush, Brown & Blair being Christians - having watched 'Shock & Awe' over Baghdad on the night the war started, they are fucking hypocritical cunts to claim to be Christians after unleashing that on an innocent, mostly civilian population. However, if the Sky Fairies are real I hope the three B's will find themselves condemned to the uttermost reaches of Hell for Eternity - it's the right thing to do.