Wednesday, 5 August 2009



Four women in the US have been charged after supergluing a man's penis to his stomach.

The incident occurred as part of a pre-planned ambush in a motel room by the man's wife and his various lovers.

The victim, LEMBIT OPIK M.P., had agreed to meet one of the women, Therese Ziemann, for an intimate tryst at the Lakeview Motel near
Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin.

He agreed to be tied to the hotel bed, whereupon Ziemann summoned the other three women by text message. She then struck OPIK in the face, and glued his penis to his stomach.

LEMBIT then use the famous LIBERAL DEMOCRAT INGENUITY and bit his way through the straps after the women had left and called the Police.
This leaves us with the following questions:
  1. What was OPIK doing in the States?
  2. Did they take a layer of skin off his KNOB when they unglued it?
  3. What size is the said KNOB?
  4. Did he have a Boner at the time?
  5. Why when he was supposed to be hooked up with some Bra Model, was he shagging an ugly bitch like Ziemann?
  6. What happened, to those CHEEKY GIRLS?
  7. Will he stick to "SLAPPING THE MONKEY" in future?
  8. Was any of this expenditure put on his expenses?
  9. Will the LIB/DEMS save their deposits at the next GENERAL ELECTION?
  10. Why when he is a goofy ugly WANKER does he get all this TOTTY?


The Young Oligarch said...

"Why when he is a goofy ugly WANKER does he get all this TOTTY?"

Must be his debonaire good looks , DL .

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I don't understand how he manages to 'pull'. His face looks like it was set on fire and then said fire put out with a hammer.

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

Check the date on yer Calendar.

It is Wednesday the 5th on this Planet.