Tuesday, 28 July 2009



Am I the only one who is not happy with this idea of Labour's to target Scotland for immigrants?

Since the idea was mooted of giving them extra points for settling in our Nation so they can become citizens, there has not been a peep from my fellow bloggers. Are we all too feart to say anything in case we get labelled as racists?

Well most of you know me by now so here goes:

I love my country dearly. I believe we should run our own affairs and to that end I am and have been for some time a member of the SNP. I also believe in the Party's belief that anyone who wants to come to Scotland and integrate in Scottish Society is very welcome.

That's where I have a problem. I'm sorry to say as well that it tends to be with Muslims and Muslim Pakistanis in particular. Before going on, can I say it is not exclusively with this group, but generally it is.

Now I know there are many members of the Muslim Fraternity who integrate and add richly to society. I know however from work experiences there are many who do not and can't even speak English after being here for many years.

I also have in the past worked down south in areas like Bradford and Blackburn and I don't want any of my Scottish cities becoming ghettos like they have become. Fuck me, they're bad enough with us native Scots!


So that's what I think and you can call me a racist if you want, but as always please comment, (particularly if you are a Muslim), because comments are the lifeblood of any blog.


Goodnight Vienna said...

I'm so glad you've posted on this because it should be discussed more openly. The English have learned from experience what happens if you are cowed by the language of the self-righteous. Unless the issues are debated openly and honestly now, Scotland will go the way of England.

In the original press article there was a reference to "those who would ordinarily be deported" having the chance to settle in Scotland. Don't fall for it.

Calling Scotland

Dark Lochnagar said...

G.V. Everyone seems cowed by the self righteous brigade into not discussing things that 'might give offence'. The problem then is that these issues simmer under the surface and cause bigger problems subsequently.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

A blog post is on the backburner of my mind at the moment DL. Working non stop 'till Friday morning so I'm too mentally and physically fooked to put decent words down.

Thus the lack of 'thought provoking' over at mines!!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rab, this plagarism will have to stop!

The Young Oligarch said...

Have you tried going to the West End of Glasgow or bits of the South Side , DL ?

It's there already .

SNP are useless on this matter , even trying to smear UKIP with the "racism" bit on Newsnight Scotland after the Euro election .

The current crop of Scottish politicians are decades behind the English on this matter , as with a good few others .

Expect sanctimonious "No Place in Scotland" , "One Scotland , Many Cultures" pish for some time to come . Until their self-righteous Utopian fantasies come to bite us on the bum , probably .

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Just for the record, I think the SNP are a bunch of dangerous fuck wits.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Y.O. I've been there often round about Allison Street and Govanhill. As you say the South Side is just as bad although they seem to have more money there. The thing is that when you go into a muslim house, you are expected to take off your shoes and follow their customs. So why don't they follow ours when they are outside. If we went to Muslim countries and walked about in kilts and opened Christian Churches we would not be long in being told where to go.

Rab- Maybes aye and maybes no, but if you want independence they are the only show in town. In an independent Scotland new parties would evolve and support for the SNP would probably splinter because their reason d'etre is to get independence for Scotland.

The Young Oligarch said...

We've got to be careful about what we say on this issue DL , important though it is . After Rab's revelation on Sunday all sorts of "Progressive"s will be crawling about looking for something to moan about . For them truth is not a defence .

SNP have a long way to go , even if they keep the Christine Grahame tendency in the background (which they fail to do until election time arrives).

Some of us have long memories and can recall John Swinney's outburst in his conference speech about "the Brits".

This particular Brit (100% Scottish and proud) nearly had to buy a new telly !

His Irish Republican vocabulary , and its lapping up by the audience , put me off voting for them , possibly forever .

Worse is the Cybernats' attempts to construct a "Scottish or nothing" sectarianism , whereby if you don't subscribe to Scottish Nationalism , you're some sort of traitor to the land of haggis and shortbread .

One of them even called me a "British Nationalist" on the Observer's comments thing because I observed that some Scots like cricket !

F*****g lunatics ! And dangerous ones at that !

Rant over .

P.S. This is not to say that I don't respect , or even identify with , non-lunatic nationalists . It's just that they aren't the "motor" of this political movement .

The Young Oligarch said...

Was so off on a rant there DL that I forgot your entirely reasonable supposition -

"In an independent Scotland new parties would evolve and support for the SNP would probably splinter because their reason d'etre is to get independence for Scotland."

Thing is Alex Salmond is on record as saying that he expects the SNP to continue to rule an independent Scotland for many decades , citing Fianna Fail in Southern Ireland as his model .

This example would give us an eternity of rule by the "Christine Grahame Tendency" , with a few short gaps of rule by the turncoat , English appeasing Nicola Sturgeon-ites .

What a plural democracy !

(Sorry for the rants . I'll go and shout on my own blog.)

Dark Lochnagar said...

No probs, Y.O., as a matter of fact i am quite partial to a wee game of cricket myself having played it at School and a few times as an adult. I never was any good at it, but that doesn't stop you enjoying yourself. I don't have any problem with Britishness, but I am and always will be a Scot first. Doesn't mean to say I don't enjoy the Last Night of the Proms and a touch of the Rule Brittanias!

The Young Oligarch said...

Cheers DL .

While at Uni (many , many years ago) , I knew a man who was able to regale us with tales of his first SNP membership card from the 50's.

It had the Union Jack on it and contained the party's pledge of loyalty to the monarch and also that an independent Kingdom of Scotland would play a full part in the British Commonwealth of Nations .

Any patriotic Scotsman could vote for such a party .

The new improved version seems , to me , to wallow in a new sectarianism and an imagined , distorted victim-history .

Add in some truly mad parochialism and you have Alex's back room team . Thank f**k he doesn't let them out often .

Don't play cricket myself , though I do remember playing it in the street (as a child , I hasten to add) with stumps chalked on a lamp-post and one of they yellow fire-hydrant markers .

Never understood British Bulldogs , though .

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

Oh see through the fog people.

This is another example of piss taking by Westminster because the SNP mouse has the temerity to squeek.

The SNP have been squeeking about letting in well educated immigrants to help boost the Scottish economy and balance the reduction on the indigenous population. The SNP have defined their concept of nationality by way of citizenship.

So, what a wheeze and a piss-take for The Governor General Murphy to help hatch a plot to show these pesky meeces who is da BIg Boss!

Imigration is a RESERVED matter so, let Scotland have their immigrants but only the ones that Westinster want. So let us start with the rejected asylum seekers and the why not the ones that can't be deported because of their human rights, etc etc.

Punch and Judy Politics R US

Observer said...

DL I lived in Allison Street for years before I went all posh and moved up to Shawlands. Yes, Govanhill is a very multicultural area, but it always has been, and I got on fine with my muslim neighbours. The problems in Govanhill now have been caused by a sudden influx of literally thousands of Roma and the fact that so many of the tenements don't have factors and there are lots of absent landlords who don't do repairs.

There are no muslim schools in Scotland, there is no reason to think that there will be any, and in any case I think you are a bit confused, most recent immigration has been from EU accession countries, not from the sub-continent.

Incidentally muslims do not expect non muslims to alter their behaviour in any way unless we are entering their homes or their mosques. They don't try and tell us what to do because they recognise that they are a minority.

Observer said...

Incidentally as well, muslims from Pakistani descent (are you *sure* you've been to Allison St recently, didn't you notice that most Asians speak with broad Glasgow accents?) are sympathetic to the SNP.

I really wouldn't base my views on this issue because of what has happened in England. This is a different country and the pattern here is not the same.

scunnert said...

The SNP asked for it - now they're going to get it in spades. Pandering to the desires of developers and the pundits of "growth" is a dangerous game to play. Aye - Scots used to think they owned the place - LoL.

BTW Observer:

" ... I think you are a bit confused, most recent immigration has been from EU accession countries ..."

Folks from the EU are not considered "immigrants".

Dark Lochnagar said...

Observer. I take some of your points, but if you have lived with muslim neighbours then you will know lots of what I say is correct. You will have experienced muslims who have been here for 20 years and still only speak one or two words of English and have no interest in integrating. Yes there are many muslims who speak with a glesga accent but they tend to be 2nd generation not new immigrants. I am constantly asked in muslim houses to take off my shoes, which I refuse to do because I am diabetic. Have you worked or lived in some of the ghettos in England?