Saturday, 25 July 2009



At last an honourable M.P. with the courage of his convictions. ANDREW MacKINLAY M.P. a Labour member has resigned due to his disgust at the way his fellow backbenchers have treated the case of GARY McKINNON, (see previous posts this month).

He is disgusted at the power the Government whips hold over ordinary rank and file M.P.s.



turncoats said...

Our MP Jim McGovern was on Radio Tay the other day trying to backtrack and say he didn't change his mind by supporting the exradition. He couldn't remember if he'd signed in support of Gary Mckinnon in the first place blah blah.Bit like the MP's not remembering their mortgage was paid off etc. Have to check with his secretary etc. One of the biggest stories of the year and he couldn't recall what stance he took.
Do MP's have a tendency to early onset dementia ?
OT but did you listen to Radio Scotland yesterday with Lesley Riddoch. Sitting in their studio baffled by the poor performance of The Herald and The Scotsamn. Didn't fathom out it was because they're both rabidly anti Scottish and hate the Parliament and will do all they can to undermine it. And Scots are just fed up with their toadying to Liebour.

Dark Lochnagar said...

I know Turncoats, they make you sick. Then they wonder why he hold them in such low regard.

BTW I stay in Ayrshire, are you any relation of Saltcoats? I'll say hello!

turncoats said...

No relation to saltcoats sorry. Visited once when I went to Butlins !
Nice down there.

Anonymous said...


Thurrock Labour Party rent a property for their HQ for £3,900 from Thurrock Council.

They then charge Andrew Mackinlay £5,500 to use the building.

Andrew Mackinlay claims the £5,500 on expenses.

Freedom of Information Act Request asking for details of 10 Commonwealth House, Tilbury. Property rented by Thurrock Council to Trustees of Thurrock Constituency Labour Party.

Page 24 and page 32 of Incidental Expenses Provision/Staff Allowance 2007/08.

Invoice for £5,500 to Andrew Mackinlay MP.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Yes, Anonymous that's as may be, but at least he had the courage of his convictions even if he is a crook.