Sunday, 28 June 2009


Much has been written about what Scotland's share of the oil etc would be in we became independent, but what about our share of BRITAIN'S ASSETS?

It could be argued that we should have a share of all Government assets built after 1707 when the Parliaments became united.

This would include a share of the value of for instance the M.I.5 BUILDING ABOVE and any other building built since then.

I'm not sure but would that include the likes of the Ministries of Defence, the Home Office and Agriculture? What about 10 Downing Street? What about the Palace of Westminster? How much of that has been built since 1707? What about British assets abroad, like Embassies? Could we sell the Scottish Office and pay a percentage back to what's left of Britain.

What about the Armed Forces. Do a percentage of the Navy's Ships and the Air Force's Planes come to us? Do we get a nuclear sub? How many missiles do we get? Do we become a nuclear power? Do we rent out FASLANE OR TELL THEM TO FUCK OFF? Surely a political decision.

All in all, Scotland could be due several hundreds of Billions of Pounds. A nice way to start with an independent Scotland.

With the SNP about to have a referendum on independence next year and the country's opinion starting to move in that direction, is this not the discussion we should be having?


Anonymous said...

At the very least Scotland should get 8% of the total UK assets. We have however contributed much more than that.

How about we get Royal Bank of Scotland plus 8% of the total UK assets, including military, minus Trident, and call it quits?

Anonymous said...

That's a very good point, I'd take the average difference in population totals since 1707 and give Scotland the equivelant of their head count percentage in the value of all British assets with the Welsh and Irish figures included in the calculation. Well that's one thought, gets really complicated but you're right England wouldn't be where it is without you.

Dark Lochnagar said...

That would do for me Anonymous. The banking one is interesting. The UK Government likes to kid us on it bailed out Scottish banks, but the same "Scottish" banks have been contributing vast sum of money in corporation tax over the years, so in actual fact although the headquarters may be in Scotland and the have the word Scotland in their name, they are in reality UK companies.

Lorenzo, you are right also. Would England have to renegotiate it's membership of the EC, NATO or the G7? Interesting!

Anonymous said...

Gie Scotland the money that ye stole pit Labour thieves straight on the dole
the rich get wealthy by the week
it is not right just a cheek.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Disnae scan Anonymous. What about last line,
"Independence will dig us oot a hole"!