Thursday, 25 June 2009


The TATE GALLERY IN LONDON has just purchased the art exhibit on the left for £30,000.

You are correct, Dear Reader, it is a SUPERMARKET RECEIPT.

What is worse is that because till receipt are light sensitive, it is knackered every time they take it down, SO THEY HAVE TO REPLACE IT WITH A NEW ONE!

The "ARTIST" a Miss Floyer, a lady born in Pakistan, states that it is VISUAL ART because the idea is you pick an item and IMAGINE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!

I believe that if I want to imagine what a fucking CAULIFLOWER looks like, I can go to a shop and look at one!

Might I humbly suggest that whoever bought this exhibit and is responsible for spending all this taxpayers' dosh on THIS SHITE asks one of their other more conventional artistes, IE. ones that paint paintings, to paint him a picture of a BIG PRICK.

He should then be able to hang it above the fire in his house as a FUCKING POTRAIT!

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