Thursday, 25 June 2009


In a shock announcement today HAZEL "Biker" BLEARS has announced she is resigning as an M.P. to join a HELL'S ANGELS CHAPTER in California called the BIG ASS MAMAS.

"I love to get the rush of cool air between my big butt cheeks" enthused Hazel "and there ain't nothing like getting a BIG HOG BETWEEN YOUR LEGS".

She will be divorcing her husband of 22 years after a disturbing incident at their all expenses paid home in her Constituency.

Hazel had been out to get her initials B B, (for Biker Blears), tattooed on her BUTT IN PINK, ONE "B" ON EACH CHEEK. When naked she bent over to show the result to her husband he said, "WHO THE FUCK IS B O B.".

A Labour Source is quoted as saying, "She won't be missed, she was an ANNOYING, LITTLE, GINGER, TWAT"!

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