Wednesday, 6 May 2009


"A recession, is a psychological event " Peter Mandelson- 6th May, 2009.

"Thank fuck for that, I was worried there for a minute" says Gordon Brown.


CrazyDaisy said...

So is being a shitstabber for life, but I'm not telling him how to think or feel. Mind you it was his lot that fuct everything up and tried pointing the finger at everyone else bar the guilty government.

What a twat!


Anonymous said...

It was a problem that started in America but i saved the world. If the world goes to pot then it started in Mars.. GB

Dark Lochnagar said...

CD it's worse being a traitor IMO.

AMW. who says Obama is right. They all cosy up to him because he is black. Now that's fantastic but he is still an inexperienced, first term President. Cause your black doesn't make you right, look at Col. Saunders of KFC, (work that one out)!