Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Ibrox two get their comeuppance

THE IBROX TWO, Messrs. Ferguson and McGregor have today been banned from playing for Scotland for ever and suspended from GLASGOW RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB, for 2 weeks with a move out of the club on the cards for the summer.

Both of these young men and Ferguson in particular earn, by ordinary standards, fabulous sums of money. They have proven however not to have the maturity to deserve it, after their BEVVY session in the Hotel after the Holland game and what was even less forgivable were the naive, petulant "v" signs that they both gave from the bench during the game like two 10 year olds who had had a row from their mammy.

Thankfully both the SFA and their club have acted decisively in punishing them. I have no doubt the story will rumble on.

The Ibrox 2 sounds like the old story about the Renault 5, but that's probably a story more suited to the pub!

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