Saturday, 25 April 2009

Gordon and Cherie


There are whisperings tonight from around Westminster of an alleged LOVE TRYST between Prime Minister, GORDON BROWN and one of his senior Ministers, MARGARET BECKETT.

The two have allegedly been seen sneaking around in some of the Seediest Hotels in London with two Security men in tow.

A Labour insider was allegedly quoted as saying, " this has been going on for years". "Gordon is a sexual animal". "Their relationship started over a mutual love of caravans and camping". "Margaret likes caravaning and Gordon in the nineties was said to be camp". But now, there is nothing Gordon likes more than to give Margaret a good going over with the "Red Book". "She's even been known to take her teeth out on occasion".

"He was also shagging Cherie Blair for years", he added.

A prominent Labour Politician, told us "this is bigger than John Major and what-do-you-call-her". "Gordon will reveal anything to keep the Country's mind off the Budget, he's a FUCKING ARSEHOLE".

Memo to Iain Gray. Your Taxi is waiting outside. When you're in a hole, STOP DIGGING!

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CrazyDaisy said...


The thought of that turns me off my breakfast! Who would "do" Beckett!