Monday, 30 March 2009


Another Scottish Institution is allowed to go by Broon and co. The DUNFERMLINE BUILDING SOCIETY is to be taken over by the English Nationwide BS, in a scandalous fashion after asking the Government for only £20 million. This is a drop in the ocean compared to the TRILLIONS that have been wasted by this lunatic in no 10. The sooner the men in white coats appear the better.

After playing up his delusion that he can save the world, SUPERBROON is about to get his comeuppance at the G20 MEETING IN LONDON starting this week. The sound of damping down of expectations from his Chancellor, Bank Chairman et al, is deafening.

The husband of HOME SECRETARY, HARRIET HARMAN is accused of buying two wank films for a tenner and HARRIET put them on her expenses. How terribly British that she can be forced to resign for £10 and a box of tissues, yet she can fiddle thousands by putting her sister's house on her expenses and get away with it. Very strange!

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