Thursday, 14 October 2010


Britain will need 550,000 more school places by 2016 to educate the children of immigrants, a study claimed  last night.
And over the next decade this will rise to one million extra places – at a total cost of about £100billion.
The Migrationwatch report blames the aftermath of Labour’s ‘open door’ immigration policy. 
Baby boom: The Coalition has acknowledged that the shortage of primary school places is 'critical'

Last year, providing schooling to the children of people born overseas cost £4.5billion – the equivalent of almost £13million every day – according to the pressure group.

Don't say you weren't warned and as the immigrant population explodes, the 'BRITONS' will be gradually displaced in a mish-mash of cultures which will obliterate our own British, white European one.  My only consolation is that I won't be here to see it and neither will my children, because I don't have any!


McGonagall said...

I have children.

Anonymous said...

It was planned for a long time DL and one day the fucking morons on the left will realise this when their kids are getting the shite beaten out of them for being white as our new colonists (not white) will be blaming them for the Empire, the Slave Trade, Africa, Asia and fuck knows what else. Yes and even better for the left whom allowed it, there'll be no police force to protect them, because they'll have devolved into an even more corrupt police system like you see in those lands where the immigrants are coming from and will be paid off to turn a blind eye while whitey gets the bejesus booted out of him.

By no, that won't happen.....that's what the liberals think anyway. They think our new arrivals are going to cast of their own culture and happily take ours - LMFAO!!!

I remember reading Sir Andrew Green of Migrationwatch telling us that over the next 25 years, 75% of our population's expansion will be solely down to Blair's Labour immigration policy, or should I say non immigration policy.
They seem to think that in 100 years time the UK population will be 92 million.......BOLLOX
By 2025 it will be 70million - 10 more since Labour came to power. Therefore if 75% of thr growth is attributed to immigrants who raise the population of the UK by 16% in 25 years then guaranteed within another 25 years you can add another 15 million onto that in reproduction and migration. Therefore by 2050, the population of the UK will be 85 million. In another 25 years on from that (2075) you can add another 20/25 million and you've got 110 million, because all you have to do is look at 3rd world growth. We're not talking white family growth rate of 1.5 children but instead non white growth of at least 4/5 children per family and I'm not even thinking about Muslim polygamy either!

They knew what they were doing. The virus was installed when Labour came to power and there's no cure, well there is and the only party to have the cure were the BNP, but they're just racists, I mean, who would honestly want to save the western civilisation eh? And as Barbara Spectre (the Jewess whom I quoted in my article about) said:

"Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we [Jews] are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies [sic] that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multi-cultural mode,and Jews will be resented because of our leading role."

This is reality. And those fuckwitts in the left will respond no differently to how Hitler did in the 30's. It's the left who will bring in the Draconian measures guaranteed AND IT COULD HAVE ALL EASILY BEEN AVOIDED. WANKERS!

DL's secret lovechild said...

Daddy ! You don't love me ;(

DL's secret lovechild said...

Is it cos I is a jooish bleck ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Mcgonners, Then I pity you. I wouldn't like to have brought children in to this society, with what may happen over the next 50 years.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, yes the country is going to pay dearly for Labour's treason by agreeing to have EU immigration on an ad hoc basis and allowing half of the Indian sub continent in. We're not allowed to make remarks like they 'breed like rabbits', because it's racist. Well it may be racist, but that doesn't make it any less true. Tony Blair should be taken out and strung up rather than be allowed to enrich himself like an Arab Sheik. There is no difference between the parties now anyway. Cameron is shit feart to stand up and do anything about immigration. You used to know what the parties stood for and how they would run the country. But no one votes now for what is best for the country as they did 40 years ago, it's just what they can get out of it, who's going to put the most money in their pocket, not caring who is going to flood our culture with Asian shite and change Britain forever. It's fucking sad.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Lovechild, I was a gongi man, so you probably don't exist, unless the fucking thing bust.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Black lovechild, no you definitely don't exist, unless someone has rushed my gongi complete with my spermatoza to a artificial insemination lab.

I am Stan said...

DL,Hey at least they`ll have to pay for their own University courses.

Harby,don`t you have a couple of black kids?....

Budvar said...

Harbers, I being a believer in Malthusian economics, the gist of which states that any given plot of land can only support X no of people (and all that entails).

The only thing keeping this in check is the abundance of cheap oil. Fertiliser, fuel (Tractors, Spanish fruit & veg, Chilean merlot, New Zealand lamb, Vietnamese river cobbler, you get the idea.

The days of cheap oil are over, I don't buy into this abiotic oil theory bollox and even if it were true, the oil isn't replenishing itself as fast as we're pumping it out the ground. Not even close, which is why abiotic is not proven and still just a theory.

There's no alternative energy technology waiting in the wings to replace oil anytime soon.

It's a proven fact that civilisation is only 3 meals away from anarchy. It's as true today as it was in Roman times with their "bread & circuses" and hence our benefits system today.

Getting back on topic, in 1939 the population was a tad under 48 million, and we couldn't feed ourselves without rationing and convoys from across the Atlantic.

We now have estimates of a UK population close to 68 million, and without oil based fertilisers, our land wont grow shit as the soil is so depleted and the only use the soil has is to anchor the roots of crops to stop them blowing away in the wind.

Yes there's been new innovations in agriculture since then, but hydroponic lettuce and cultivated mushrooms wont be keeping the wolf from the door for long.

The days of beef, grain and butter mountains in EU stores are long gone.
Take a look at stocks down the aisles of the supermarket, they're only 2 deep on the shelves.

Once food becomes scarce either through pricing or quantity the whole facade of civilisation will collapse.

We're talking the Balkans here circa 1990s. You wont believe how fast things degenerate, I was in Yugoslavia in 89, if someone told me that in little over a year there'd be open civil war in the place, I'd have thought they'd been standing too long near an open tin of lead paint.

Anonymous said...


My children are mixed, that's what happens when two people of different races have kids, or didn't you know that?

And more importantly it's got fuck all to do with the conversation. I'm against ANY FORM OF COLONISATION ESPECIALLY INFERIOR TO SUPERIOR. I never agreed to the colonisation of Africa or Asia and I'm certainly not going to agree with the colonisation of Europe.

And yet again Stan, as per usual, you come out with another clanger that proves overwhelmingly how different you are to the British people for you to disagree with immigration or colonisation sort of makes you a bit of a hypocrite doesn't it? You know let me and the family in just close the door afterwards.

It is a deliberate destruction of the white peoples that's going on at the moment, because they're the only peoples on this planet with the ability to defeat the Jews from total control. The blacks and the Asians will be a pushover for them, it's the intelligent Europeans who are the problem.

So again, regarldess what race my children are I believe in keeping Europe overwhelmingly white as I do Africa black. It's that simple, but you'll never see that way for reasons explained many times over.

I am Stan said...


Yeah I totally agree,we`ve hit peak oil by all accounts,the world is overpopulated already and still climbing,natural resources,arable land,water are all under tremendous pressure,we are a few droughts and floods away from chaos.

Best get prepping,food,band aids and bullets ready for when TSHTF.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Budvar, I can't disagree with a word of that.

There's a website called NationMaster and what it conveniently does is list the major countries in the world by size and you get to choose population size from 1960 onwards to today. The results in a nutshell are utterly staggering. For example Pakistan in 1970 the population was 60.6million and 40 years later it's grown by nearly another 200% to 172million. Now look at the UK. From 1960 the population was 52.3million. By 1979 it had increased only by 4 million. Twenty years later only by another 2 million to nearly 59million.
However sadly the figures are wrong for 2008, because they seem to think under NuLabour, the population grew by 1 million, even though we know some 7million immigrants/tourists/students came to the UK and never went home. So under NuLabour the population grew larger in 13 years than 30 years.

People in the UK simply have not even begun to fathom that once you open the doors to third world immigration you commit cultural and societal suicide. It's unbelievable to think of the fact that whites have the lowest birthrate at around 1.5 across Europe. Non whites on the other hand have a birthrate around the 4/5 mark. You really don't have to be a maths scholar to do the maths.
More importantly the fuckwitts out there have still not yet realised that the reason Pakistan and Nigeria are like Pakistan and Nigeria is because they're collectively full of Pakistanis and Nigerians. When Pakistanis and Nigerians come over to the UK and start to multiply then you're looking at another Pakistan and Nigeria happening outside of Pakistan and Nigeria.

The thing is Budvar, regarding Yugoslavia, what set them off was Muslim colonisation of the lands. Worse still the west shut the door on them and actively (with Clinton's help) created the first Islamic state (Kosovo) within Europe. And the press of course made the whole war in Yugoslavia appear to be evil whites (or should I say Christians) persecuting the Muslims. I worked with loads of Serbians in London and they told me horrific stories of Christians being butchered by the Muslims but the west heard none of it. Yugoslavia was the test to see how the rest of Europe would react to Muslim colonisation. And what did we do? Nothing, got on with our lives, our plasma TVs, McDonalds and mortgages........

And I'll repeat what I said, the left will get the picture eventually, rise up and impose draconian measures, on a par with Hitler and the Jews in WW2. Mark my words, it's inevitable, but guaranteed, if there is open civil war, I won't be fighting alongside any leftie. I'll look at them as the enemy for causing the problem in the first place.

DL's secret lovechild said...

DL. My mamma said you love the jiggie jiggie with the black mammas and she wanted to have your bambino so she pricked one of your johnny bags.
I'm visiting soon to do a degree in womens studies specializing in white colonial oppression of the blackies at New Cumnock Polytechnic so we can meet up if you like ?

Anonymous said...

DL's secret lovechild said...

DL, needs no support, as he can handle himself rather nicely, however I think it's incredibly fair to point out that the people in this world who have persecuted black people the most are....? Go on have a guess? Do you think you might have an inkling as to who?....Well it is in fact the blacks. The people in this world who are the best at persecuting blacks are blacks. Long after the whites got involved in slavery and ended it in the west, not only that but patrolling the coast of Africa and bringing slavers to justice, the blacks in Africa continue it to this day.

And look at the inner cities of the UK, the areas with high black populations? If you do you'll find that per demographic ratio of crime committed, the blacks are causing the most crime, not forgetting killing one another in their many gang related incidents.

And to finish off, had it not been for WHITE COLONIAL OPPRESSION in the slave trade, there would be no blacks in the the UK/Europe, N/S/C America and the Caribbean.

I just thought it would be nice to tell you some truths first before you continue to attack DL.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, you often ask me what do I mean by the Scottish Society/Civilisation. If you saw the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games and watched the display from the Scottish kids, then you'll know what I mean. And no smart remarks. Just because we join with you to play a few sports over a fortnight, every four years doesn't mean we want to integrate with you.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Budvar, I agree with everything that you say. Oil is definitely in decline. To say that we can get oil from shale and deep water is ok as it stands but as soon as it costs us more in energy to mine and refine it than we get from burning it, the game's a bogey. We are looking at making probably our final house move shortly and I'm trying to convince my wife we should have at least half an acre, just in case the oil runs out quicker than expected.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, perhaps Stan is jealous that he can't get a few of the Blackie women pregnant?

Dark Lochnagar said...

My Lovechild, a degree in women's studies at Cumnock! If you knew anything about Cumnock, you'd know how ridiculous that is. You might get a course in bricklaying though.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, my love child is confused. His mammy has filled his head with a lot of left wing shite over the years and now his admittedly inferior black brain is confused. Next thing he'll be thinking he's a Briton like Stan.

Anonymous said...


I just tell Stan how it is at times. His argument's are flawed mostly as he seems to think that Britain by definition if post war 60 years of being, instead of thousands of years previously.

He's just trying to shut me up, or should I say, he's trying to make me feel like a hypocrite, because I've a couple of mixed race children and therefore I should quite happily accept inferior colonisation of the UK from the 2nd and third worlds.

There's a difference here which again he fails to see. If you take a black kid, educate him in a white school, he'll succeed. If you don't, there's a far higher chance he'll end up in a life of crime or dead.

This is why Stan hasn't a clue as to why I don't see him as British because as part of the minority he thinks like the minority and the minority is overwhelmingly anti British in many ways.
However saying that he's caught between a rock and a hard place for if he disagrees with me (all the time) then I state what he is most definitely not British. If he agrees with me then his peers will call him a hypocrite. So either way he's f*cked, which proves overwhelmingly that multicultural societies will always fail, for non indigenous will always be looked upon as outsiders regardless. They can never win and always end up causing problems that could easily have been avoided.

Do I love my children? Of course.
Do I love my ex? Of course.
Is she British? Well there's mixed blood in her from her gran on her mother's side so I suppose you could say yes. But are most blacks in the UK (with no mix) British? No, it's not possible by defintion, the same definition that will always have Chinese people looking at me and children born there with another white person as never being Chinese.

DL's secret lovechild said...

DL. Ha ha you trick me. My application forms are returned signed from the Ministry. Full 419 stamp and authorisation from the Cumnock Womens outreach worker coordinator.
I is ah cummin tae Cumnick !!!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, Do I think you're a hypocrite for having two mixed race kids? No. You probably thought your relationship at the time was strong. I believe from what you say that you still have feelings for the last one. It's a shame that you can't be together, but that's for you, (plural), to work out. In saying that you probably won't be over impressed with my latest bit of shite above, but it wasn't written as a critique of broken relationships, rather the expense we go to in 'studying' it.

Your kids, having a white parent can now integrate into British society and maybe if they continue to have white Britons as breeding partners, then maybe in a couple of hundred years your ancestors will be Britons. Stan's however never will if he and his weans continue to intermarry with Blackies. Would I want your kids getting into a relationship with mine, if I had any? No, fucking definitely not. Maybe in 150 years or so!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Love child. Fuck me! You weren't hard to trick. That's your mammy's black pedigree. Don't you mean you're cummin in Cumnock? It's one of the sink estates I write about above.

banned said...

We've been 'hitting Peak Oil' since I can remember which is at least 40 years, year in year out yet still they keep finding masses more, Brazil in the Atlantic and the Russian Arctic haven't even started.
Malthus was just plain wrong as has been shown over and over again.

Back o/t, Labours policy of untrammelled immigration (which they never asked the elctorate about) was always and obviously going to 'put a strain' on eduction; back in the 1970's my high school clesses all had 31-33 pupils but after 40 years of 'investment' in schools class sizes remain much the same because of immigration.

For the same reason alone we have an ongoing 'housing crisis' for which fat cunt Prescott tried to buld over the green belt, blaming it on people going single. No it's not it's immigration pure and simple, legal or otherwise.

banned said...
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banned said...

@Budvar "bread & circuses" = benefits & X-Factor, nice one.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, oil production peaked in 1970. Production is declining by 9% per year and demand is increasing by 30%. When do we get to the point, where it's no longer economical to drill for oil due to the high costs?

It slays me when I hear these middle class twats greeting about the fact that their children's classes have 25 pupils. Fuck me they were lucky, we had at least 30 and they were all white kids. Once at our school, a Catholic joined and she was an oddity, never mind a Darky!

I am Stan said...

DL said,

"Stanners, you often ask me what do I mean by the Scottish Society/Civilisation."

No I don`t!,Ive been to Scotty land quite a few times,love it,the lasses are very friendly...;)

Dont like the midge`s though.

Budvar said...

Sorry Banned, Malthus hypothesis is alive and well. You only need look at the 3rd world to see that, and we in the 1st world are looking into the abyss right now.

World grain crops are down 25% this year, Russia aren't exporting this year, the Aussies have just had rain the first time in 10 years, so they wont be exporting (they've been a net importer of grain the last few years), and I don't suppose the Pakis will be growing much in the way of wheat or basmatti this year either.

As for oil, yes Brazil, Venezulia and Nigeria have their oilfields come online, but it's all sour stuff little better than bitumen. The Alaska stuff is that corrosive, it wears through the 3" wall steel pipe that fast they can't replace it quick enough and it spews oil by the ton all over the Alaskan wilderness.

When was the last discovery of anything approaching the quality of Brent light sweet crude?

We're buying gas now from the Russians, and we're right at the end of the pipeline. They ever have a fall out with anyone further up the pipeline it's embargo on, and sod everyone else further down as the episode with Ukraine the other year proved.

The future's not looking bright with rainbows and unicorns that shit skittles.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stanners, the midge is indeed a fucking nuisance, but you may have noticed it's black. An immigrant?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Budvar, the future certainly isn't Orange, well apart from certain dark places in Scotland that still celebrate some supposedly religious battle in Ireland, on a riverbank.