Sunday, 13 May 2012


Western 'leaders'.  Let's have a look at them:

America-President Obama was elected by an electorate who wanted change from the fuckwit who was Bush.  Under him however, the Bush policies have been followed rigidly.  They've still got Guantanimo, shit health care, expensive military expenditure and the electorate are controlled almost as much as in Britain by 'Homeland Security'.  The politicians are all in thrall to globalist businesses who fund their campaigns.

France-Sarkozy has gone to be replaced by M. Ordinaire, Hollande.  He at least sees the need to stimulate the economy a little to get some demand going but wants to do it by dragging the French economy back to the 1970s.

Germany-The mad frau Merkel, in thrall to the bankers and anti stimulation of the economy, which appears to be the only one in Europe which is working.  The Germans always said that after losing two World Wars, they would win the third, i.e. the economic one.

Russia-Putin's grip over Russia is entering it's third five year plan.  The country is totally corrupt from top to bottom.

Spain-Rajoy holds sway over a nation where more than one in two of young people are out of work.  well when I say out of work, I mean official work, because the black economy is endemic in Spain and until he tackles that and pulls out of the EURO so that the vast housing stocks which the banks hold, can be sold off at a realistic price, Spain will never recover.

Greece and Italy-they don't have politicians in charge, but central bankers imposed by the ECB, so they don't count.

Then of course, we come to Britain.  A country presided over by two toffs who have at the very least been corrupted by the Murdochs, if it doesn't turn out to be more serious.  A country where the much heralded, anti-lobbying bill has been put on the back burner.  How many palms have been and are getting greased?  Only time MIGHT tell.  Cameron, it could be said, would be hard pushed to run a pissup in a brewery and looks to be totally out of his depth.  And the solution to Cameron?  Are we really suggesting that Boris Johnston should be the Prime Minister.  He's a halfwit!  It's even enough to make you nostalgic for Gordon Brown!

It's maybe time that we realise that our type of democracy isn't working and we have to find a better way of running our countries, because at the moment we are on a very slippery slope to financial oblivion or another world war, just to stimulate the World's economies!

Boris-front right


Sackerson said...

Boris: No "t" in the name, and he's not a halfwit - if only he were. Clever, faux affable and in my opinion coldly ruthless.

Billy said...

Boris clever? He thinks that the Routemaster bus was ahead of its time when in fact it was obsolete at the design stage as Leyland had brought out the bus that all others had to copy, the Atlantean, with the engine at the back and door(s) at the front - the way all buses still are today.

Boris now wastes hundreds of millions of pounds on designing new buses just so that some people can jump on and off at the back. The main reason the old Routemasters were replaced was because of the huge amount of idiots suing because they fell when jumping on and off when the bs was moving even though the signs said not to. Boris's new bus just looks like a modernised Scottish Alexander bodied Atlantean/Fleetline of the 1960's.

The trouble with all the leaders of all the parties no matter the country is that they are all controlled by the same people. They are all members of the Bilderberg Group etc - You should go watch David Icke in Melbourne DL - It is hours long but very interesting and opens your eyes to how much everything is controlled. His book THE BIGGEST SECRET goes into it all in more detail. You can take or leave the Reptilians but he is not the only one to highlight them - Jim Marrs of the US being just one of many via his own research.

At least more and more people are becoming aware of what is going on and that is what scares these control freaks the most.

Dark Lochnagar said...

sackers, welcome to the blog. My mistake but, yes I think he is a dangerous person who will kiss the arses of the rich.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, my trouble with Icke and I have watched a lot of his stuff, is his prediction that Arran was going to sink.. Although in saying that I think he has some original and thought provoking ideas.

Dioclese said...

Leaders? What leaders? You mean we actually have leaders?

But when the turnout at elections is less than a third, then you get what you deserve. Perhaps if a few more people stood and a few more people voted we might get somewhere - but I'm not holding my breath. The country is dying of apathy.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, the problem is that everyone votes for what they can get out of it rather than what is good for the country as a whole. Very sad!

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