Thursday, 26 April 2012


The way ahead for energy production, in my estimation will not be Nuclear, Renewables or fossil fuels, it will be by a new process called Muon Fusion, which is currently nearing final testing in Australia by a company called Star Scientific Ltd.

This process which I admit is a bit difficult to comprehend unless you are a scientist, takes seawater and fuses certain atoms together to eventually produce steam which drives turbines.  The only waste is an inert gas which won't cause damage to the environment and because it is fusion, rather than fission, is safe and can't be used for weapons.

It will of course, do away very shortly with renewable energy, which will please Mr Trump and I know that many Governments are aware of what's happening around the world, INCLUDING the Scottish one.

Let's hope that new cheap energy is not exploited by the global market to make millions and keep energy prices at the rate they are while they make even more money from the long suffering public.  Certainly the stated aim of the Chairman of Star Scientific is to make sure that their process is not exploited by the World's energy giants.  A further independent report is available here.


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