Thursday, 12 April 2012


When we, the British people, elected the coalition at the last G.E, (although we obviously didn't know we'd get one), did we elect politicians who have the concerns of their electorate at heart or just a bunch of politically motivated, big business arselickers?

While the elite seem to think that the most pressing issues facing Britain today are selling off the Royal Mail, relaxing the Sunday trading laws, taking an ever more threatening line towards Iran, and backing anti-government rebels in Syria, the general public's main concerns are jobs, sky-high utility bills, rip-off train fares and record petrol prices - and not getting Britain involved in any more costly Middle East wars in which their children do the dying.

We in Scotland at least have the benefit that we can vote for the SNP, the only Scottish party, at least the only party not controlled by their London masters, to look after our demands and needs.  What is important to us in Scotland is community, the NHS, education, jobs and living in a fair society where people are rewarded for their hard work, but not to the detriment of society in general as in the case of the bankers and millionaires with off-shore tax havens.

I believe that while now of us like to pay taxes, they are what we pay to live in a just and reasonably humane society, albeit, one where the elite and the London establishment have to much power.  A vote for the SNP, means that we vote for people who have the greater good of Scotland at heart and are more interested in that than pouring money into Zionist led wars in the Middle-East.


Anonymous said...

Of course a vote for the SNP would be a vote for the EU still so I don't think you have much choice either way.
We're all doomed.

Billy said...

The English political parties are all controlled by the the same elite bankers/globalists that control everything although if you have watched the video at my latest post DL hopefully these people and their politician prostitutes will soon be hanging from lampposts or spending the rest of their lives in jail - not before time.

As for here in Scotland things are so corrupt - just look at the Hollie Greig and Dunblane shootings paedophile cases where even the SNP are doing nothing but try to cover these up.

There is going to be no change regarding the monetary system, global warming scam and corruption such as these above and more under independence because as I, and plenty of others, have found out to our disgust is that the SNP are just as corrupt as the rest of them.

Would not surprise me if they are also being run by these same crooked bankers/globalists.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rebs, welcome to the blog. As I've said before, Scotland's membership of the EU is not a done deal. There are plenty in the SNP who don't want to be in the EU, but to who independence is the most important question to get sorted out first.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, Hi. I listened to some of it but unfortunately I didn't have a spare 2 hours 56 minutes to listen to all of it. I don't think the SNP are corrupt. All politicians get a power thing but at least when they are in the Scottish Government, I feel we have more control over them. I know there are things going on that the sheeple don't know about or for that matter want to know about but I think that you are going the way I went for s short time, i.e. getting too carried away with it. We don't have any power. all we can do is to try and get the idea of what's going on over to other people and hope they get the message.

We unfortunately are not in a position to change the world, so we have to carry on with life, because at our ages we only got another 20 years before we start dribbling and try to stick our hand up the nurses' skirts!

Anonymous said...

Billy is right Dark. Think about it. Any political party in Britain that espouses non status quo, or anti federalist national sentiment are vilified and slandered to the margins as racists and bigots and knuckle dragging skin headed thugs. They are affored no positive MSM.

Why the are the Scot Nats afforded all these privileges?

'One nation many cultures', that should tell you, along with the above. It grieves me to see the proud Scots hoodwinked into believing the lies of Mr Salmond. He is the biggest traitor to the Scottish people to set foot on British soil since Winston Churchill.

The horror of many cultures is visited on Bradford, most Yorkshire men have left, quietly, and been replaced, by one culture, which isn't British and hates Britons.

Scotland's cities and towns will go the same way, its much smaller population will be diluted very much quicker than down here. You talk about zionist wars. You are right. Do you honestly think you will be able to separate from Britain and then be allowed to be independent? A shrewd politician like Alex will not be able to resist the lures, all the signs are there.

Ask a few pointed questions, you know the ones.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, do you really think the SNP get positive coverage from the MSM. Until relatively recently the SNP were vilified by every media outlet in this country. The 'Sun' recently is the only one who has given the SNP and independence any credence, probably because they are quite astute and see how things are going. Also they are becoming persona non grata with the Establishment and it's a 'fuck you' moment. there will never be a sizeable Muslim presence because basically it's too cold and they have too many roots in Lancashire where their ancestors were imported to put the white man out of work because they were cheaper to employ by greedy business men.

Don't look at the Muslims, see who is manipulating the situation.

Anonymous said...

Cameron really wants Scotland to break the Union as does Miliband and Clegg.

They all want a simple two party system modelled on the US two horse Tweedledee and Tweedledum system.

They are close enough to it now but Scotland is the fly in the ointment as we have seen through the sameness of the three parties and have voted for a different set of politics; one working for the people, not the financial, backers lurking in the background.

Let Scotland go and we have Red and Blue pills to take. Same politics with perception of difference being maintained by controlling the MSM's spin on everything.

The LibDems will be absorbed by Red and Blue (effectively done) and a rump outlier of a Green Party will be allowed to float as a false home for some people of conscience.

It will not matter which side rules, Red or Blue as there will be the same money men behind both.

They really don't want the nuisance of democracy, voters and policies; just the illusion will do fine for them.

The City will provide all the bounteous riches that the financiers need and so perforce will Red and Blue.

In fact I could see the SE of England becoming a City State like Singapore and to Hell with the hinterland of England and Wales. Ireland will have already become one country by then.

No need for Military just use money as the weapon to keep the Celtic Periphery in check.

Job done, not in the next 5 or even 10 years but 25 years on I reckon will see it to fruition.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Lupes, welcome to the blog. I couldn't disagree with you. Hopefully it won't be in my time but 1984 is coming, you better believe it!