Friday, 3 February 2012


Union Hijacked has some devastating news for Alex Salmond this morning.  It looks like the rise in support for Scottish independence is about to come to an abrupt halt as Britain First launches its “Scotland says no!” campaign.
Who are they, do we hear you ask?  Well, it’s basically the English Defence League with a bit of tartan glued over the top.  Their campaign is based on ultra right wing ideology, and whilst regular Unionists harp on about the Barnett Formula etc, this mob are more concerned with influx of eastern European immigrants leading to “many of our towns and cities starting to resemble a foreign land.”
We bet Lamont, Rennie and that other one will be delighted to have their support:



Back to the mainstream media, and putting the ‘British’ into BBC we have our old chums at Pacific Quay, failing once more to put forward anything positive about independence, just the standard scares:


Keeping pound ‘has restrictions’

Not to be outdone, The Scotsman once again proudly hoists the Butcher’s Apron as it pulls out all the stops in order to gerrymander yet more non-stories.  This must surely now be the quisling’s reading material of choice:


Scottish independence: support falls 8% with different question

Ex-adviser condemns SNP ‘spin’ in official documents

Agree with me or you’re anti-Scottish, says Michael Russell

Salmond is branded ‘Goodwin of politics’

The good old Daily Express isn’t far behind mind you as it somehow managed to spin this beauty from nothing:



Once more, Labour’s Daily Record attempts to stick a rubber knife into Alex Salmond’s back as it howls in protest about the Scottish Government not accepting bids from a Scottish steel mill, despite the fact they never even tendered for the contract in the first place:


Scottish company misses out on contract to supply steel for new Forth Bridge

And lastly let’s not forget The Sun which somehow manages to attach some blame to the Scottish independence movement for the protests in Argentina caused by the arrival of some German royalty on a set of stolen islands thousands of miles away:


The battle of Wills


The Young Oligarch said...

You're right , DL . The SNP (or "Scotland" as Fat Eck and his chums wish it to be known) should not be subject to any criticism .

Shoot the subversives who dare say otherwise !

Shame on you for the anti-German comments !

Your mob were well keen on them in the 30's and early 40's .

Only that was real Nazi Gerries , not decent ones who had been in this country for 300 years .

And were descendents of the Kings of Scots .

And freed us from the French Stuart tyranny .

Who are the Scots ?

Not just you and Eck .

It's me and Billy and Declan and Rajiv and Reuben .

All our opinions matter as much as (or more than) a shower of beardy Corries groupies .

footdee said...

typocal rascist comments from a unionist---french Stuarts from appin I suppose ----anybody would be better than a beef witted hanovarian monarchy

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, of course all opinions are important, but the Unionist media is very strong and is biased against independence, IMO.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Footers, I couldn't agree more. But, Oli is a monarchist and a Unionist, so what do you expect. Welcome to the blog, BTW!

The Young Oligarch said...


You're just soooo waaacist !!!

"beef witted Hanovarian"s ?

Shame on you !!!

Anyway . Who are these Stuarts of Appin ? Never heard of them .

Heard of the Stewarts of Appin (different from the Royal dynasty of that name , who later became the Stuarts , through their extended contact/intermingling with the French).

Heard of The Killing Time , though .

And the Highland Host .

F**k the French Stuarts and the Sun King !

For Christ and His Truths . No Quarter to Ye Active Enemies of Ye Covenant .

The Young Oligarch said...

"Oli is a monarchist and a Unionist".

Thank you for your approbation , DL .

I wouldn't class myself as a monarchist , per se , but as a Whig , Constitutional Monarchy having proved much better than the alternatives .

Besides , the National Covenant commits us to the monarchy .

As for Unionist , I am , at the moment . I could be convinced , as a Scottish nationalist , to support an independent Scotland .
The SNP doesn't seek to convince , however . It seeks to hector and belittle .

They are small men with small minds , twisted and bitter .

Sometimes I quite like them .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, nice to hear it. As for the SNP, they have the evil empire ranged against them. What are the chances of an assassination or a arranged scandal if it looks like Scotland is going to vote for independence?

The Young Oligarch said...

"Evil Empire" ; "Butcher's Apron" ; "gerrymander" ; "stolen islands thousands of miles away" ; "assassination" ; "arranged scandal" .

Get a grip , DL .

The SNP kept this lunatic side quiet and got many people , myself included , to vote for them in order to turf the Labour crime-syndicate out .

Maybe , after a long period of proving themselves in devolved government , they will persuade those of us outside their political cult to support their plans .

Trying to stifle legitimate criticism , branding opponents "anti-Scottish" and indulging in the sort of mad , ahistorical rants to which many SNP supporters seem to be so prone (Christine "Gie's Back Berwick and Mary Queen of Scots" Grahame) , do not persuade anyone .

Shouting at passers-by in the street would be a step up .

Anyway . I'll say no more about it .

Happy New Year , by the way .

How's Spain ? A pal of mine has bought a pad down by Valencia . He's mair pished noo than he's ever been (and that's saying something) .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, there are some youngsters who are impassioned by the political opportunities of beginning the road to independence.

A happy New year to you as well and yes, the bevvy is cheap here. I buy wine at £0.80 a litre and it's lovely!!!!

The Young Oligarch said...

Fantastic , DL !

The pub I use in Glesca after work wants 3 squid for a pint of Heavy .
They should be wearing masks !

Watch out for the cheap bevvy , though . My mate keeps coming back fae Spain clutching his kidneys .
Not good .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, what kidneys? I left them in Scotland