Saturday, 24 December 2011


A merry Christmas to all my readers!

I am as most of you know, not a person with any religious beliefs.   I am currently engaged in a battle of words on SHITEBOOK with some prick who used to be in the US Marine Corps.  The vitriol is dripping from his laptop as he calls me all sorts of things because I merely asked for some sympathy, because as an atheist, I and others of a similar belief, have religion shoved down our throats all year round.  It is of course worse at this time of year in a Christian country when we get all this immaculate conception pish.

The Priests of this particular religion run about in their frocks, salivating with their enthusiasm for the fact that for one day a year, some of these so-called Christians may turn up for a midnight service, pished out their skull and proceed to fall asleep and snore all the way through the happy-clappy carols.  I've no doubt at some time in the future, our Government will insist on us celebrating Ramadan and make Barmitzvahs compulsory along with compulsory prick surgery for young boys in case our gentile foreskins offend Jewish women.  Pig eating will be banned, of course.  It is a strange religion, is it not, that bans it's adherents from eating certain foods?

Well have a nice day anyway.  I'll be doing it native Spanish tonight with a meal at midnight and then lunch tomorrow with not a turkey in sight.  Mind you I like a bit of turkey!

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