Friday, 11 November 2011


Germany is reportedly pushing behind the scenes along with France for a smaller, more financially integrated EU within the EU with only the strong currencies allowed.

This can be viewed in a number of ways.  Perhaps the Germans are trying to get the UK to join the Euro, strange as it may seem, for fear of falling into a 2nd track Europe where our influence, (such as it is), is diminished or they are intent on setting up a new German Empire and 4th Reich.

The first scenario, is just not  going to happen, because Cameron would have a revolt on his hands, bigger than any Tory leader has ever had.  I think however, that the second scenario is more likely.  France knows that they are next in the firing line after Italy and perhaps Spain and their Gallic pride won't let that happen if they can avoid it.  By sticking in with Germany they think their currency will be protected and if this is the first step in German expansionary plans, it will save them getting stuffed by the Krauts for the third time in a row.

Whatever is going on and you can bet there is something we aren't being told about, there are some interesting times ahead!


Budvar said...

It's been my belief that TPTB have wanted us in the euro for decades, but the only way the Brits would even consider it is if the value of the £ was hammered down in value.

The way I foresee it panning out is the £ gets hammered down to about 70/80cents to the £1, things get so expensive that people are screaming out to join the € just to bring some sort of stability to the economy.

We get some sort of piecemeal bail out as a government facesaver in our time of need, we sign everything over to European superstate and the people rejoice.

Quite what the ins and outs entail I couldn't say, but it's coming. That's a 100% certainty.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Budvers, there's no doubt they want us in and I think we will have to sooner or later. I'm told that the PTB want the pound in at 1.27, (0.78). we are often told about the benefits of a low pound for exporters and that of course is true, but it also makes our imports dearer and that affects inflation. I can easily forsee the scenario you envisage, because if we don;t do something we will be left behind out on a limb in an increasingly global world.

Sean O'Hare said...

"we will have to sooner or later"

Have you taken leave of your senses DL? The euro has already passed it's sell by date. There is no way it can survive in anything like it's present form and I don't think the Brits (south of the border anyway) are quite ready to surrender to a Greater German Deutchmark.

Dark Lochnagar said...

O'Harey, welcome to the blog. When Britain joins a European currency, which it will have to sooner or later and it may not be the Euro as we presently know it, remember this comment!

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