Tuesday, 22 November 2011


The cost of security for the Olympic Park is now costing us £250,000 PER DAY!

We were told that the Olympics were for the whole country.  Well Boris and his crew have made sure they're not.  Only one Scottish firm and two Welsh firms who tendered for work, have been successful.  These games which after all, only last for two weeks are the result of politicians' need to be admired.  Yes, what a great guy I am, I got the Olympics for Britain.  I wonder how many palms were greased to get them here.  The National Lottery is supposed to be paying for some of it, but while they pore money into London other charities in other parts of the country are lacking in funding, particularly now that the economy has shrunk.

Oh, but we're told look at the re-generation of London.  Great, we now have two multi-millionaire football clubs vying to get their hands on the Olympic stadium, so that their overpaid prima donnas can fascinate us with their skills.

All for, I repeat, two weeks of games.  it is sickening!


throbber said...

I read that they're going to run past my toon with the Olympic torch. And show 5 rings on Embra castle ( for the gay following). So I think we're getting a good deal out of this.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Throbs, yes they're coming through Ayrshire as well. Oh the joy will be fucking unbridled! They would be better putting Pete's ring on Emba castle if it's for the gays, (I have to watch what I say because I've got a big gay following, fuck knows why!)

Bill said...

It's passing through Cumbria too, well some of it, well a bit of it. It's a big place and the torch cannot go everywhere apparently.
Still it is totally bypassing my part of the administrative county of Cumbria so there is a god after all.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bill, you'll obviously be travelling to see it?

Bill said...

Sorry I'm washing my hair!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Bill, Pubic, head, chest or oxters?

Anonymous said...

Hm... It's coming past the end of my street and into the park...supposing they can find someone to carry it.

I hope it's not coming here before it's going to any of your parts of the country because when it gets to Stobbie it will probably be stolen, sold for scrap and the profit spent on some good crack.

As for the expense, can you image how much the ground to air missiles are costing...and you're right. it's for two weeks so that a pile of fuck wits can show off about GREAT Britian is. I could bloody tell them for a lot less. It's shit.

They will have fucked our 4 nations football, spent out on security (which is NOT included in the 9.4 billion its cost) and left London with a pile of derelict property that some rich tycoon will make a fortune our of..

I have never in my life heard of such an incredible waste of money while old people are starving and freezing for lack of governmental support..

They should all be shot for their mismanagement.

As for the gay following DL. You're not Barbara Streisand in disguise are ya?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, Barbra Streisand. I used to quite fancy her. Does that make me gay?

It would be a laugh though if someone mugged the torch runner and nicked it. I would laugh my arse off!