Thursday, 1 September 2011


PARIS — France's President Nicolas Sarkozy warned on Wednesday that Iran's alleged attempts to build long-range missiles and nuclear weapons could lead unnamed countries to launch a pre-emptive attack.
"Its military nuclear and ballistic ambitions constitute a growing threat that may lead to a preventive attack against Iranian sites that would provoke a major crisis that France wants to avoid at all costs," he said.
Sarkozy did not say which country might launch such a strike, but it has been reported that Israel -- perhaps with US support -- has considered bombing Iranian nuclear sites if it believes Tehran is close to building a weapon.

The wee Hungarian, Zionist leader in France is doing the bidding of his paymasters, the Banksters.  He's putting Iran on notice that if they don't bow down and turn their central bank over to the Rothschild's group,  they're going to be in the shite.

Iran , won't present the same, 'light touch' opportunity as did Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.  Why don't they start off in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.  The conditions there, for women in particular, are far worse than what they would have found in  Libya.

FFS don't try and sell your oil in anything rather than Dollar$, or you will be truly fucked!


Gallovidian said...

Yep, not selling your oil in dollars seems to get you invaded.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Gallos, yes that's what happened to Saddam!

Billy said...

The dollar is on its way out now anyway - these tubes are trying to shore up a dying system with regard to the banks and debt.

Typical hypocrisy of the countries with these weapons to say that no one else should be able to have them - especially as it is the ones with these weapons that are the dangerous idiots causing all the wars and mayhem around the world as it is.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, yes it is a bit amusing. No one is allowed nuclear weapons in case they are rogue states, well apart from the West, Pakistan, India, Israel etc etc