Sunday, 21 August 2011


Former Labour Minister Lord Mandelson is understood to have made an offer to buy an £8 million house in one of London’s most exclusive districts.
The former Business Secretary, who once admitted the Labour Government was ‘intensely relaxed about people getting filthy rich’, is planning to buy the elegant four-storey Gothic Revival property, which features a wine cellar and two-storey atrium.

If anyone displays everything that is wrong with politics, it's that fucker Peter Mandelson.  Along with some of his political cronies, Tony Blair being the worst , he has enriched himself while supposedly working for the people of this country.  His arse-licking, perhaps literally, of anyone who could help him to his present state of wealth, has been sickening.  Laterally this has been his fellow Jewish friends, the banking Rothschilds amongst them.  How much influence have they been able to have on Government policies under Labour and even as we speak under the Tories?

More importantly, when are the sheeple of this country going to rise up and say, "here, enough is fucking enough", and get out on the streets, not to rob and pillage shops, but to show the British Establishment that we are not going to take their greed and corruption any longer?


Sir Fred the Shred said...

Aye DL. A troughing bum bandit right enough.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Fred, a thieving, crawling, loathsome, greasy, corrupt, arse-licking, queer fuckpig. I'm not going too far, am I?

banned said...

Amelda Marcos was undone because of her collection of shoes; tiresome old wanker and corrupted par exellence cunt and nonce Mandelson "Gis a blow job Tone" will be done by his property portfilio which cannot be explained by his income as a mere MP and toady Government Minister.

What someone does with their bottom is their own business but when it comes to cunts enriching themselves at the publics expense SHOW US THE RECEIPTS PETER: YOU FUCKING BENDER !

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I predict that he will never be brought to book, particularly now that he is not an active politician but a Rothschild bum boy.

To be fair to Brown, you don't see him crawling up the greasy pole towards millionaire status, apart form his book which is now available in bargain book shops for £1.49!

Sir Fred the Shred said...

DL. You missed out Bilderberger.

Dark Lochnagar said...

red, thanks, I knew the comment was lightweight when I wrote it.