Thursday, 7 July 2011


Some 'land girls' shave a sheep, getting ready to shag it, during 2nd WW
Women have made up almost half of the students on a sheep shagging course held to encourage more young people to become qualified shaggers.

Four women and six men have been learning to shag sheep.

The course's costs were paid for with money from a community benefit fund which wind farm operators pay into.

Well I'm glad that money from the 'renewables' industry is being put to good use, training Highland people the long lost art of sheep shagging.  This is something that is handed down from father to son and mother to daughter.  Modern day inventions such as the 'wool-snaggle' remover have played a major part as well.  It is used to remove those wee smelly bits of wool from the sheep's arse before full sex can begin.

The large influx of Polish sheep shaggers since they joined the EU has also helped keep a traditional skill alive.  The Poles, unfortunately  tend to be tougher on the sheep, often cutting their throat afterwards to stop them from cliping to other members of the flock and this has reduced the sheep shagging stocks, as only some breeds are suitable, like the Horned Black Faced variety, which gives you something to hang onto during the shag.


Budvar said...

Another "Typically racist" policy from an SNP government. Free course fees for Highlanders, when lowlanders or the Welsh are require to pay tuition fees of £10k.

I note also that Poles and other east Europeans get free tuition, else the EU would stop all the community grants.

This policy is divisive and wrong on so many levels and free tuition should be brought in foe all students.

former sheep shagger said...

We used to get taught sheep shagging as part of the school curriculum in Aberdeen. Sadly it was scrapped as it was seen divisive and unfair to pigs and cattle who were being neglected.
The quinies were actually shagged by the sheep ( hence no wellies in the picture). Loons would wear wellies to trap the beasts hind legs and stop them escaping during the love making.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Budvers, I have noted your comment and have shot off a mail to my MSP bringing up the points you raised although I don't expect the bastard to reply. He's on the course.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Sheep shagger, or back them up to a cliff so they push back.

Anonymous said...

I was unfamiliar with the habit of the poles that you refer to nor that it is becoming common in this country.
There was a time that foreign perversions were shunned in this country . As your photograph shows the girls are engaged in a bit of pre-coital stimulation using a traditional mechanical vibrator , starting as we can see "under the oxter". This was very much the Scottish way. The Dutch on the other hand made no use of mechanical devices, they used cheese. This was definitely NOT the Scottish way, from whence we get the expression " I don't give a tup any edam"

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, yes the perversions of the Continental have started to creep across the North Sea. Next thing, we'll be sticking a finger in a dyke or some such lesbian perversion.