Saturday, 9 July 2011


I've listened to all this pish about phone hacking and the News of the World for weeks, but does anyone really give a fuck?

So OK, hacking Milly Dowler's phone was out of order and also the dead soldiers', but politicians and celebs?  I don't think so.  We all feed on salacious gossip.  I admit I try my best to ignore it, but like most men when I'm scanning a paper on line and a celebs tits pop up, I have, sometimes,  to have a wee look.

I would imagine that most of the 'b' list celebs, will be rubbing their hands together at the thought of getting a few bob from Murdoch.  He'll shut down the News of the World and the 'Sunday Sun' will start and it's readership will after a few weeks be equal to the News of the World, because the same brain dead morons will read it, hoping to get a bit of excitement into their dreary lives by living Kerry Katona's, or whatever her name is.

Life will go on and within a few months, Murdoch and his crew will once again be invited to Downing Street and Party Conferences because he's bought and paid for most of the politicians in this country.  So believe me, nothing will change.  Oh yes, they'll be a lot of hoohaaing in the media, particularly the BBC, who are loving having the spotlight taken off them.  But in three years time will there have been any legislation curbing the power of the newspapers?  
I won't  hold my breath!


Captain Ranty said...

I care a very great deal when the government does it.

They eavesdrop every day and we do fuck all.

A shitty newspaper gets caught and WW III is declared.



Dark Lochnagar said...

Ranters, with you 120%. Why does the Government get away with it? Time it was stopped and get shot of the CCTV as well.