Sunday, 24 April 2011


An American drone attack has left 25 dead in a Pakistan area which borders Afghanistan.  This is one of many such attacks in recent weeks.

An American spokesman said:
 'It's the responsibility of the U.S. government to protect Americans, and counter terrorism operations in Pakistan protect the Pakistanis, too. If the Pakistanis won't themselves take action against terrorists, then others should.'
Does anyone else find that statement chilling?  America seems to think that in the name of terrorism they can wage war anywhere in the world, killing foreigners with impunity.  There's no doubt that 9/11 came as a big shock to most Americans, whether you accept the conspiracy theories or not and I have always been one for the 'no smoke without fire' option.  America however, no longer seems to have any regard for international law.  Is this a consequence of being the 'world's policeman'?  Has the playground bully got to big for it's boots?

Most people who read and write blogs such as this, would accept the theory that the terrorism crackdown is just a means of Governments controlling their own citizens.  The school bully is due to get it's arse kicked both economically and militarily by China in the coming decades, so maybe it's time it started playing by everyone else's rules, so that when the time comes for the handover of power to China, it can insist they follow the same rules.


Anonymous said...


Nothing has ever changed. Imperialism is still the name of the game and the rulers of ancient times, merely moved out before their civilizations died, to create new ones down the line. Babylon, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, The British....It's merely the same societies controlled by the same people, of course, future generations that is - a very small elite always controlling.

The US Armed forces are merely the tools of the politicians, themselves the bankers, corporation owners, Zionists, elite families etc etc. The beast has many heads.
We may be seeing the US soldiers continuing the British Empire, for that's what it is. If only the Americans knew that too, that is, the crown owns the USA, as does it still own all lands now supposedly 'independent'.

As for the chinese, well they're a weak people. That is, centuries of totalitarianism, from feudal, through to communism today, they've always been a beaten people. They are obedient. They never question. They don't protest and accept their lot in life. China has been built to be the world's manufacturer and their people are to be the role model of how all others should be - complacent in their servitude and slavery.
And then China too will fall, along with all others, that is unless people seriously wake up to the situation around them.

The tail wags the dog in today's society as it always has.


McGonagall said...

America is Capitalisms policeman and wages war to secure enough oil to keep China's factories humming. Fact.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, all of which of course is true, but only by changing the system of Government can we be really free. That's what the morons don't understand. All throughout history, the system of Government has changed. Who's to say our so called democracy is the right model?

The concern I have with China is that they are a beaten race who will in general do what they are told, as in the dictats on how many children they are allowed to have. There is a middle class developing that will realize that as well and then the huge millions that they have will be used as a force for, who knows what? They could be used in a war like in the 1st WW when life was cheap. The problem is that we no longer have the same attitude to life in the West. Will we be annihilated? Who knows.

Dark Lochnagar said...

McGonners, yes, but when are the people of the world going to wake up? People, and I am one of them, have an inbuilt desire to own things. I am never happier than when shopping or browsing something on the web. I should maybe have been a woman!

Anonymous said...


".....but only by changing the system of Government can we be really free."

Into what kind of government DL?
You're backing 100% the SNP (Socialist Nationalist party btw, not Scottish as they care fuck all for the Scottish people) who are merely going to give people the illusion that they are in fact free when they are merely going to be a vassal of Brussels and not England (although England [the crown/bankers] will still be calling the shots).

If you truly want to bring in liberty and above all freedom for people to live how they choose without some government wank breathing down their neck telling them what they can or can't do is to REMOVE all government whatsoever.
From a very early age onwards we are indoctrinated in control. It's from the parents first and then government, of course under the false illusion that we actually have a voice. We don't. We never have nor ever will if we keep playing the system.
Yes, I'm advocating anarchy 100%. Why? Obvious reasons:

1. Democracy was created by the bankers. Democracy is merely the stepping stone between freedom and totalitarianism. In America it went from a republic, to a democracy, into a socialist police state (where they and we are now) with the last stop being totalitarian rule by the corporations, elites and bankers. We still live in Shitsville.

I've already explained myself with China. It doesn't matter if a growing middle class grows, because it's being planned to happen. The Chinese are and always have been a subservient people, battered, oppressed throughout their history.
Maybe you don't realise this DL but the Scottish, the Irish, infact the Celtic peoples are being readied for removal from society. They (our masters) don't want us because we're freedom loving peoples and we cause too much trouble, that is we don't take it lying down. The Chinese are being used for two things - world manufacturing base and an example to all others in the world on how to behave - obey your masters and do what you're told regardless (mindless, obedient automaton). Once this is done and their slave mentality is the mindset of all slaves in the world, they will be cleansed from society. Only the Japanese, the Anglo Saxon, white Europeans, blacks who adopt white European society and of course the Zionist Jews will be the only peoples allowed to live in the future world dystopia, just around the corner.

Like I said DL, I'm much farther down the rabbit hole than yourself and I most certainly am not attacking you for your views. You'll uncover all this as well eventually and no doubt your view will change as they already have since I started posting on your blog over a year ago.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, The way I see it I have three options. First, I can go and shoot some banker or politician and end up in jail for the rest of my days, that is the way of the true anarchist. Second, I can sit on the internet and moan like fuck about the world and how it's going to hell in a handcart or thirdly, I can be pro-active and promote and work for a political party that I believe is the best option in our current situation. I do believe that the leaders of the SNP are more sincere than the other parties, who IMO are merely the empty vessels of the London parties and have fuck all regard for their country. All they are interested in is their promotion to the Lords, so the gravy train can continue. How many SNP Lords are there? As far as Europe is concerned, there is a large number of people in the SNP, who want out of Europe, but as I've said on here many times, independence is the first priority because only then can we hold the politicians close to us, an example of such was the Transport Minister resigning because the weather forecast was more moderate than the actual snowfall. Can you see that happening in England?

The Chinese are a poor rump of what used to be a clever and inventive race but their sheer numbers pose a threat to the West.

I accept that you are further down the hole than I am and possibly my efforts are futile and if real change, whether it be through anarchy or otherwise breaks out, I'll be at the forefront.