Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Spectators who witnessed the human cannonball tragedy that left a young man dead asked for their money back after the rest of the show was cancelled, it has emerged.  Matt Cranch, 24, who had been a stuntman for only a week, hit the ground head first as the net meant to break his fall collapsed.  They revealed that some demanded a refund of their £12 admission fee when the rest of the show at the Kent County showground, near Maidstone, was cancelled.

As friends paid tribute to the young stuntman, some of those who watched the tragedy unfold told of their disgust at the behaviour of others in the audience.

I think two things are important here.  To start with,  who were the arseholes who wanted their money back?  Why were they not charged an extra tenner because some,( FAT ), bastard, firstly managed to squeeze into a cannon and secondly managed to kill himself?  Is that not worth a wee bit extra?  I don't know the chappie and he was probably a great guy.

But the main point is, why do we never speak ill of the dead?  They're always happy, smiling kids or really nice adults who do a lot of charity work.  I would hope that when I go, if it is reported at all, then it will be to say that I was a CRABBIT ARSEHOLE!


banned said...

Strange that BBC Radio 2 was praising this guy to the rafters just a few days after his death.
No mention of his lack of experience, just a load of guff about "public liability insurance" and how a production of Snow White had had to abandon the 7 dwarves for the same reason.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, I think there's something funny here. I'm down in Kent and he's the headlines on he local news. Probably murder or something!

Dioclese said...

I once worked with a guy called Bob Freeman who tried to shaft me by promissing my job to my number two if he could get enough shit on me to out me! One day he dropped dead from a heart attack while giving one of his staff a bollocking.

Someone said to me "Did you hear about poor old Bob?" I replaied "Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke. The man was a complete cunt and the world is better off without him."

I believe in telling it like it is. Once a cunt, now just a dead cunt...

There's a bloke I know where I live now who falls into the same category. Sooner he dies the better.

Anonymous said...

To all those's who say you should never speak ill of the dead, I have two words to say. Adolf Hitler.

Point made. lol


Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, a man after my own heart. If there a fucker that's all thats to it. I once hated this prick I worked with in insurance and made it plain in my usual manner. When he got pissed at the Xmas party, he started hugging me and crying like an old woman. I thought even less of him of course. If he'd have stuck one on me, I would have admired him more!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stephen, it's not often you talk shit, but this is one of the occasions. He did make the trains run on time. Don't alays believe what you're told BTW. The victors always write the history, in this case helped by a Jewish entertainment industry and media.

Anonymous said...

What about Ian Gray DL? Should we not talk ill about the soon to be dead Mr Gray?


Dark Lochnagar said...

Stephen, he´s just a prick. a soon to be a non-prick!