Friday, 8 April 2011


Britain's debt mountain is the equivalent of £138,360 for each household in the country, research reveals today.  
Official figures, from the Office for National Statistics, show the total public sector debt is estimated to be £876billion, equal to £33,100 per household.

If the debt from the banks rescued by the State is included, the figure balloons to £2,252billion, according to the ONS.  But the Centre for Policy Studies think-tank says in a report that the real figure is £3,617billion, which is four times larger than the original ‘bank-free’ figure.

That is the equivalent of £138,360 each if it were divided between all the 26million households in the country. It is also the equivalent of 240 per cent of Britain’s economic output.

That is why Labour should never be allowed to have control of the nation's finances, either the UK or SCOTLAND ever again!  Don't give me pish about a Global recession. Labour let the banks do what they wanted because they don't understand money.  Every time they're in power it costs the British people fortunes.

It's like making the tea lady the Managing Director! 


William said...

Therefore Osborne, Idave, crying Clegg, Billy I am not gay Hague, Cancun Huhne and Vinnie et al must all be members of the Labour Party!

Anonymous said...

See Old Holborn for a correct summery of the situation

Dark Lochnagar said...

William, I don't see a lot of difference between any of them. The Tories used to pretend they were anti-Europe at least but we now all know they were just doing what they were told like the rest of them.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Anonymous, Aye a good blogpost, but just what we've been blasting about for years. I probably shouldn't be posting at the moment because I've got other things to deal with and I'm rushing them out as you can probably tell.