Saturday, 12 March 2011


The SNP founder Robert Cunningham Graeme, once said: "The problem for Scotland is not the English, who are a great and noble people. The problem for Scotland is those Scots who are born without imagination."

That is truer today than ever before.
Inside 8 weeks, we will have had the Scottish Government elections.  On One side we have the Scottish branches of the main British Unionist parties with their huge pots of money which they will fling at Scotland, to continue with their subjugation of the people of Scotland on the other the SNP who are the only party who have the interests of Scotland at their heart.

Over the last four years we have seen a MINORITY SNP Government battle against the odds to get the policies which benefit the people of Scotland across in areas like Health, Transport, Justice and Local Government.  A Government of talent.  How unlike the nodding numpties in the Labour party and the parochial busybodies in the Tory and Libdum parties who have blocked policies like Alcohol Pricing which would have done so much to help Scotland's health problems, until of course their colleagues down South latched onto the same policy and now for the coalition it's become the 'way forward'!

Vote as you will, those of you who have the vote on May the fifth, but please remember to vote on the issues and for the party that has the heart and welfare of the people of Scotland at their heart.


banned said...

The problem for Scotland is those Scots who are born without imagination."
You mean the ones who keep voting fucking Labour despite the disaster that party visits upon them, time after time?

DL. I am not in the habit of promoting my site here but you may well be interested in the my current debate about Libya which, I am being told, is all the work of American Jews, Rothschilds, and the New World Order.

McGonagall said...

I'd be on the lookout for large mail votes and disappearing voter registers.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, that's the one! I'll have a shfty at that sounds my kind of arguement.

Dark Lochnagar said...

McGonners, I think everyone will be watching for that. It's going to be vicious.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


like most Nationalists you are brimming with violent hatred towards
'the nodding numpties in the Labour party and the parochial busybodies in the Tory and Libdum parties'
and then have the gall to say'the party that has the heart and welfare of the people of Scotland at their heart.'

well lots of people who do not vote for your snp are The people of Scotland to.

mind you would probably like to have a final solution to the Scottish Unionist question eh?

ultimately you and the nasty nats will lose as the decency of the Scottish people will prevail whomever they as free born people chose to vote for

ex SNP said...

I don't see the point of voting SNP. Their basic policies are the same as the LiblabCon.. more EU, immigration, global warming windmills scam etc.
Free bridge tolls are nice but I'd rather have independence and the SNP failed miserably on that score.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Niko, I don't brim with hatred, I brim with love for my own country and want it to take it's place in a modern world a separate nation able to take it's own decisions on the issues that matter to Scotland and as I don't think that the Unionist parties are able to do that, then I support the SNP. If however some or all of the Uniononit parties decided to embrace independence then my view might or might not, change.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ex SNP, I take your point, but as far as I am concerned, independence comes before all other issues and as the SNP is the only party advocating independence, indeed it is their raison d'etre, then I have no option but to vote for them. Now there are also lots, and I mean lots, of policies I don't agree with, but I will argue about them, if and when Scotland is independent.

bugsbunny said...

Niko. Are you one of those "Independent" adjudicators who will help stuff the ballot boxes with the dead and disinterested voters that are still on the register, between 9.30pm and 10pm on Thursday 5th May?
Maybe that's the way some of the current Labour MSP's are elected regardless of exit polls ect. My terminally ill brother was in Ayr Hospital when I took along his proxy vote forms to vote for him in May 1999 Elections. Guess what? He apparently already voted. But if your a member of the Scottish Labour Party you probably already know about their little scheme? And their involvement with Glasgow Gangsters and fucking Irish Terrorists. Fuck off.


Prof Hertz Van Rental said...

DL,It seems the Sunday Herald agree with you:

Their editorial has:

"The first Nationalist government has proven itself sure-footed, competent and more innovative than its predecessor. It has removed bridge tolls, ended prescription charges, frozen council tax, recruited an extra 1000 police officers and restarted council house building.

Its support for the construction industry has helped secure jobs through the downturn.

As the First Minister acknowledged yesterday, some things could have been done better.

But taken as a whole, it seems to us that Scotland has benefited from a change of administration and Salmond’s enthusiastic leadership."

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stephen, mock Niko not, for he is a prick and it's not his fault.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Prof Hertz, of course they agree with me, I wrote the fucking thing! :)

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