Tuesday, 8 February 2011


The president of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) has called for Israel to be admitted into NATO in order to guarantee its survival in the future.
Ronald Lauder,  (one of the Estee Lauder family),  writing in German newspaper Die Welt, said: “Israel needs real guarantees for its security.
“European NATO member states – including Turkey – must admit the state of Israel into the Western alliance.  He said that NATO membership “would send a strong signal to other countries not to take on Israel”.

Curious.  After running World Banking and the Media for decades and interfering well above their station in US and World Government, the Israeli Zionists are shitting themselves.  The Muslim World is well aware of the Zionist tentacles in the West's politics, where for instance in the US, although consisting of only 1.8% of the population, Jewish/Zionist financial contributions to American politicians amount to over 50%.  They would be bankrupt if not for the $millions contributed by taxpayers in Western countries and now they expect non-Jewish soldiers to die fighting for the only country in the world where apartheid, (against non-Jews), is still allowed.

Thanks to Zionist/Jewish interference in the West, most of Europe, at least the major European countries are shit holes.  We have been following a planned route that the Jewish Bolsheviks mapped out for us, see Russian revolution and the Frankfurt School.  Allowing Israel to join NATO will just further polarise the World into Muslim and non-Muslim.  Israel does not need to join NATO, as it knows that the US led West would come to their assistance if they were attacked, as does the Arab world.


P.S. I hope you bastards appreciate all the links I've given you in this post, particularly that moaning old fucker, BANNED!


CrazyDaisy said...


They join - I leave! I am not putting up with this shit anymore! They may want to join but Turkey will stand in the way unless an EU carrot is dangled!


Dark Lochnagar said...

Daisy, at last the voice of reason. It wouldn't surprise me to see Israel never mind Turkey in the EU. Remember they got into the Eurovision Songcontest and that's the slippery slope! Israel might as well be in NATO, because the Americans would pile in and so would we. I've been arguing all night with this twat on twitter about this, who had hi name written in Hebrew on his Avatar and then tells me he's a Zionist. Twat.

subrosa said...

I've done a wee post for morning about Nato. Don't read it DL. Blood pressure stuff.

banned said...

Israel is not the only country to practise apartheid (if indeed it does).
Try Saudi Arabia where there are several classes of inhabitants.

1. Saudi family (several tens of thousands)
2. Western contractors
3. Other Arabs
4. Pakis and Phillipinos.

NATO guarantees aren't worth a fart anyway, why do you think that Georgia was refused membership? Because those guarantees would have been tested and failed in the small war that subsequently occured.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, I will. I've swapped over to Firefox for a browser, but I can't seem to import my blogs file from Opera, very annoying.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, there is no way that the American administration which is full of Jews is going to let Israel be threatened by an Arab country again, like in the 6 days war. I don't see why a nominally 'Christian' West should get it's young men killed defending a Jewish nation. They after all hate the Goy. We 'Christians' seem to think that the Jews are just like us except they don't believe in Christ, but when you actually do any research into it, you find that is not the case. I believe that just because they're not in your face, it doesn't make them a lesser threat than the Muslims.

Billy said...

The Jewish religion is just the same as the Christian religion and all the rest of them. It is all just lies and an exact copy of the pagan religions that went before them.

It is all to do with worshiping the sun and the zodiac. That is what the big secret is in Freemasonry is all about. Apparently the Master Mason is the Pope - that will piss off a lot of people. All these plonkers going to church and they don't realise that it is the sun they are worshiping and praying to.

Go and read 'The Christ Conspiracy - The Greatest Story Ever Sold by Acharya S' for starters.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I've heard of that book before. I may well give it a read. See if it's cheap on Amazon!

banned said...

@Billy, "Amen" = Amon, Egyptian sungod. I just watched a recent Kazakhstan movie that is about their foundation myth (cf our King Arthur) set just before their conquest by Islam. At the end of the scene where they worship their war sky-pixie they all aclaim (in Kazakh)that same word "Amon".

DL, I have no doubt that the USA would rush to Israels aid, just it's got nothing to do with NATO, indeed Israel would be better off out since then America would not require our 'permission' to intevene.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, Yes I bought that book that Billy suggested, (£10.33 Amazon, delivery free). I've heard that about the Amon thing before on some research I was doing.

Britain would be just as keen to come to Israel's aid. Google 'Friends of Israel' for the 3 main political parties, (as in Labour Friends of Israel) and I think you will be surprised by the results.

Anonymous said...


"The Jewish religion is just the same as the Christian religion and all the rest of them."


Once you've perused the Talmud you know that it most certainly is not the same as Christianity. The Talmud and the Zohar (Kabbala) are the main books in the Jewish faith and what's inside has been carefully hidden from the ignorant Goy in the world.

I used to think that all of this was just a load of shite and you're very correct that many Christians, who go to church are ignorant to the fact that they're worshiping the sun god, but the more I do research the more I realise that there most certainly is a strive to totally obliterate the ideology of Christianity, far different to the religion. Remember Billy that the Catholic Church is the continuation of the Holy Roman Empire, itself the worship of Spiritual Babylon (Sun worship). Something you should also consider researching is the creation of Islam at the Catholic Church's hands. The story goes that the Catholic Church needed to take back Jerusalem (for masonic purposes of strategic interest) but needed to remove the true Christians and Jews. Thus they created Islam, by educating Muhammad, who would build an army, remove the Christians from the Middle east/Arabia and also from Jerusalem along with the Jews. However, it backfired in that Islam got too big and powerful.

I fully agree that the Pope is a Freemason and there's nothing Christian within Catholicism, but Islam is a big threat to them hence, why they're trying to create a war between the Christians, Muslims and Zionists (themselves unwitting fools for the NWO).

What did it for me was the Roman Empire submitting to Christian beliefs. They knew they could not beat it and thus embraced it, or should I say embraced it with ulterior motives. Therefore Christianity was certainly a direct threat to Sun Worship (Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Babylonian etc etc) and therefore in that gives grounds that Christ was most definitely real and polarly opposed to the sun god worship of the Freemason today with their followers of Theosophy.

Again there is a huge difference between Roman Catholicism/Protestantism and Christianity. The first two directly oppose Christianity and are doing their best to obliterate it of the face of this earth. Why? Well one could go into the spiritual side of this, but one could also go into the NWO side, that is, the NWO want to destroy not just Christianity, but all religion, because they want control of man and to create gods amongst men. All one has to do is look at the horrors of Communism (check out the Bloody History of Communism and the Soviet Story for in depth detail into the connection between Communism, Darwin, Hegel and pretty much atheism and nihilism) to see what it was all about and where we're headed.

Remember, we can all speculate about the existence of Christ but none of us were there to see what really happened. As for society, we are a dumbed down load of sheep, unable to think critically, far different from the many individuals and individualism of the past.

Billy said...

Christ did not exist at all. He was invented at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD convened by Constantine.

There is absolutely no archaeological or historical record of Jesus Christ but there is plenty for the exact same stories that he was based on such as Osiris, Horus, Mithra, Krishna, Buddha etc etc etc.

The argument is whether it was from Egyptian or Indian religion that all the later Sun god myths came from, and that includes the Jews, or an even older one that has disappeared in time.

I am reading her second book just now DL - Suns of God, Krishna, Buddha and Christ unveiled which goes into this is more detail.

I have read her later book written under her real name D.M.Murdock called Christ in Egypt, The Horus-Jesus Connection which is a heavier read than the first two but well worth it to see how much the people have been lied to and conned by religions for thousands of years.

The big difference was the Pagans knew that their gods were not real and that is why Christianity murdered everyone who would not convert and why they destroyed much of the ancient books and temples to cover up for their plaglarism of these Pagan gods and myths.

Anonymous said...


The doctrine that you are promoting is exactly the same doctrine that Peter Joseph, of Zeitgeist fame, he of the New Age Religion, itself merely the views of Helena Blavatsky and her religion of Theosophy, in other words, that of the Freemasons. I suggest you do some research on Peter Joseph, on the woman behind the

You say there is no proof of the existence of Christ other than what is written, when we could say exactly the same for anyone, of that time, who was written about etc etc etc. Your denial of the existence of Christ is on a par with those who believe in him. You both have no proof other than what you have been told and just because there is no proof that he existed doesn't mean he did.

You have to be incredibly careful now with what you read as the NWO disinformation brigade are heavily polluting people's minds with untruths about history. More so they are promoting their New Age Religion - Theosophy. If you watch Zeitgeist, where all these claims are made of the similarities of Egyptian mythology and Christianity are made, you will also see that they throw in stuff on 9/11 and Federal Reserve. Those who know what's going on will agree that those parts of the film are very true, however, those who don't will believe that all of this is. Zeitgeist is a movie made by Freemasons and is disinformation.

More so, you are believing what you read, yet how can you believe the validity of these sources when so much information is controlled?
More so, as I said, the Holy Roman Empire is the continuation of sun worship, wholly outwith the teachings of Christianity, for had it anything to do with Christ's teachings of peace, then the horrors of the Catholic church would never have happened. In other words, Christianity was hijacked and made into the religion we know today as Christianity as practiced by the Catholic Church, the Protestants etc etc.

There is no material proof that god exists and this of course was the philosophy followed and promoted by Marx and Engels. Materlialism states that nothing exists apart from matter. This is the belief of Freemasonry as they strive to make man God, in the material realm, as was at the time of the Egyptians and before - Feudalism. Materlialism is believed to have formed in India, China and Greece. Marx and Engels also believed very much in Hegelian dialectics, thus their belief was known as dialectic materialism. In a nutshell, the worship of what can be seen means simply that greater control can be placed by man upon man.
More so, if Christianity were false, why was it then that the Communists (Socialists) are doing their best to destroy it today and in the past, the Communists under Lennon murdered millions who believed in Christianity and would not remove their thoughts over to Communism?

You are also confusing the very fact that what was done in the name of Christ and his teachings is the polar opposite of what Christ preached. Christianity that we know today is continuation of Spiritual Babylon by the Romans, who could not defeat the teachings of Christ.
Lastly, listen to some William Cooper's Mystery Babylon and he'll tell you about the connection between Egypt, Freemasonry and the denial of Christ. A very interesting and knowledgeable man, unlike the Richard Dawkins and Pat Condell's of society.

Billy said...

Actually you are wrong - The religion part of Zeitgeist is based on the books by Acharya S aka D.M.Murdock who is an Archaeologist, Historian, Mythologist and Linguist who can speak and read all of the main languages involved at the time including Egyptian Hieroglyphics. She also provides sources for all her information and plenty of them have been Christian Archaeologists who couldn't understand why the likes of the Egyptian Horus was the exact same story as Jesus only thousands of years older. Of course Christians blame it on the Devil for putting out all these exact same "Jesus" stories hundreds to thousands of years before his "story".

Sorry it has nothing to do with Freemasons but is to do with the truth - nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for bringing Acharya S aka D.M.Murdock into the debate. If you care to do some study on her you will see that she is not only a promoter of the Christ myth, the New Age Religion but a disciple of Helena Blavatsky. Much of Acharya S' beliefs come straight from Isis Unveiled, the 1877 book by Blavatsky, the founder of the New Age philosophy. You'll also find that most of Icke's teachings also promote Blavatsky as well. Interesting huh?

And I'm afraid to say that this HAS ALL TO DO WITH FREEMASONRY. Blavatsky very much followed the tradition of Freemasonry although not a Freemason herself 'so we are led to believe'.

Now if Acharya, follows the teachings of Blavatsky, herself a follower of the traditions of materialistic belief of Freemasonry, then it's perfectly correct to say that this has all to do with freemasonry.

It is very interesting to note that the attack on Christianity happened towards the mid and latter part of the 19th Century. First off came the freemason Darwin with his origin of the species, whom Marx and Engels (also Freemasons) saw as the theory they would use to back up their anti God belief and their dialectic materialism. And of course along came Blavatsky who promoted Hindu and Buddhist belief in her writings, that is, we all came from the primordial soup.

You've read the books that attack Christ and remove him from existence. They are all sadly pro Freemasonic/New Age religion beliefs, created for the sole purpose of mixing all the races into one, the creation of a one world government, banking system, culture and people. Once people have no history they are easily controlled. This is what the New Age Religion is all about - the rebuilding of the Tower of Babel.

You may also find the following very interesting indeed:

All Roads Lead to Theosophy: A Critique of Acharya S' Sun Thesis by Keith Thompson

There is also much on the internet that rips apart Acharya S' belief system.
I'm afraid to say Billy that this has alot to do with Freemasonry and always had. Like I said listen to some William Cooper's Mystery Babylon, which will blast Acharya S' views out of the water, a man infinitely far wiser than anything Acharya S would ever dream of being.

Theosophy is not only the New Age Religion but the religion of Freemasonry aka - The Lucifarian Consciousness. Alistair Crowley simply loved Blavatsky and he supposedly conjured up a demon and disappeared with it into hell. LOL!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers/Billy... A very interesting debate you two are having here. I normally, as you know jump in with both feet, but as you two have obviously researched your subject a lot more than I have, on this occasion, I'm not going to until I make my mind up with some further research.

I would say however, (!), based on what you have both said in the past, you are coming from different poles. H. I know that you believe in the existence of Christ and are extremely anti-Humanist/atheist. You also see a Masonic plot around every corner and in that part, at least if not on the Christ part, I would agree. Having recently buried my FiL and having seen the hypocrisies of the Catholic Church, I am even more determined to be worm food and fuck all else.

Faith is personal and Religion is a business

Billy, I would tend to side with you, certainly on the existence of Christ and the origins of the Sun God. I enjoyed at least the religion part of 'Zeitgest', whether it was Masonic propaganda, I don't know but it made sense to me.

Apologies to both of you for being so late into the discussion. It is difficult to participate when you are faced with a number of well constructed and lengthy comments.

Anonymous said...


A good stance to take. It's entirely your prerogative to believe what you will and yes, religion is business and faith is personal. However we were created, regardless whether you believe it or not by something so powerful, our brains are unable to even comprehend who and what.

I always liked this quote by Lyall Watson : "If the brain were so simple we could understand it, we would be so simple we couldn't."

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, Good quote. First time I've heard it. I try and never get into questions of someone's faith, because you will not change their belief. However, you can point out the inaccuracies!

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't say it's really about faith. To me, a belief in a far more powerful being is really nothing more than common sense. As I've written already, Materialism is the philosophy not created by, but followed by the Marxists, Fabian Socialists etc etc. It is Darwinian belief also, himself heavily into Freemasonry etc etc.

For example there are some things in life that simply cannot be explained - the paranormal and the occult, nothing to do with evil, associated with it but merely meaning 'hidden' (esoteric). People have seen ghosts and horrific situations have happened with Ouija boards, of which friends have told me of, who never dabble in it again. Yet there is nothing materialistic about this whatsoever. As in the philosophy of materialism, how can the aforementioned be explained when they are most certainly not of any explainable matter?

There are things within life that people will never know. Death may very well be the answer to many of their questions, but the dead don't come back, therefore the answers will always remain hidden.

The wonder of life can't be explained, hence why I put up the quote of Lyall Watson. We were created by something humongously more powerful than our brains could ever comprehend, how our body works and how we think is a prime example of this. To think that we all evolved from matter, in a pond into the many different things today, really is an incredibly ignorant and arrogant belief system to have. Man will understand some things, that may involve matter but those things that have no matter they'll never, ever have a clue about.

From being agnostic, I have moved far more into the Christ ethos of life and his teachings. The bible, well it's a blueprint for the Sun worshipers and nothing more. Revelations merely the pre planned future of things to come and nothing prophetic about it whatsoever, for the simple reason that man has the means to change the weather, create earthquakes, floods and tsunamis and create deadly plagues, in fact everything that the bible mentions. My only query is did they have that technology when it was written or did they know they'd have it in the near future?

As you said, it's a personal understanding, but from understanding Freemasonry, the Holy Roman Empire and the theories of the Socialists, I know there is a sustained attack on Christianity by them, which only goes to prove that there's something within Christianity that's a massive threat to their totalitarian ideas. Maybe it's the fact that they know God created evil or maybe it's the simple saying that God created freewill, something that could never exist in a Communist (read Socialist) New World Order, totalitarian, feudal society/world.

It makes one wonder......

I'm off to bed. Good night.

Billy said...

Sorry do not agree with your comments. Acharya S/D.M.Murdock states all the facts as it is. Freemasonry and Christianity is the same thing. The Pope is the Master Mason and it is all an exact copy of the Pagan religions except Freemasonry has never changed it has always been about Sun worship since it came out of Egypt as well. She is exposing religion as emotional slavery which it is as it is all done using ripped-off Pagan lies and I am afraid the evidence, both archaeological and historical, she provides is pretty damning. I also never listen to the "evidence" of people who try to defend these same lies especially when they have no archaeological or historical evidence themselves.

As for a Supreme being/God I have always thought that a load of mince since I was a little boy because if that were true then he would also have had to have been created by someone else.

We are just another organism on this planet one stage away from monkeys and universes are being created all the time as they are spontaneous being the other side of Black Holes which are singularities and are common and disappear with a bang and of course Universes are created by singularities going bang.

Anonymous said...

Well Billy,

No point really in debating with you even though I given you clear evidence of what Blavatsky was, what ideology she preached and thus Acharya S being a student is also.
No point whatsoever in continuing when you ascribe to the Christ deception. You have no proof he didn't exist, only the ramblings of a woman, who you believe because she has found 'material' proof!

No we are NOT another organism on this planet. There is a huge difference between the monkey and man. People really do believe in Darwinian theory, even though he himself is proved overwhelmingly to be a Freemason and ascribe to their 'Man is God' dogma!

You believe what you will, it's your prerogative. All I can really say is you're just another person within society who has fallen for the propaganda. Acharya S is a Theosophist. The New Age Religion is Theosophy, or the Lucifarian consciousness as worshiped by the Freemasons.

True Christianity has nothing whatsoever to do with freemasonry, whereas the Church most certainly has along with all teachings that oppose Christ. Religion was created in his name. He never created it remember?

If you're not prepared to read the books or listen to those of whose philosophies and beliefs you disagree with, how on earth will you ever learn?

I've not just read the books of Blavatsky but those of Darwin, his grandson, the Huxleys, the Bertrand Russels, most of the Fabians as well as the new elites of Kissinger, Brzezinski etc etc. I totally oppose everything they've written and believe but I've still read the shite they've written.

Your choice Billy, you're not a stupid man, but if you think there is no God and that we merely evolved then of course you are a Darwinist and should you care to research he, you'll find freemasonry and sun worship.

Anonymous said...

More so, much of what we know about Christ, is a lie as it's been promoted by the Catholic Church (The Holy Roman Empire where the first Christian Emperor was the first pope) that is Spiritual Babylon, Sun Worship and the antithesis to Christianity. Christianity is a belief and also a religion. Both are totally opposing entities.

The manger myth is what it is. Christ was not born on Christmas, but around September. The Catholic Church has carefully manipulated the history of Christ IN ORDER to fit in with their pagan beliefs, most notably Egyptian Sun Worship. All the main Christian holiday and times of worship incidentally all happen to fall at the same time as Pagan ones. Don't you find that something of a coincidence? And considering that the Roman Catholic Church makes all the rules, itself a Pagan outfit, it proves overwhelmingly that their mission is to destroy true Christianity by having the people follow pagan festivals and worship pagan deities.

Bottom line Billy is you've fallen for the propaganda hook, line and sinker. Those within the Roman Catholic Church (freemasons, Rosicrucians, Jesuits etc [Lucifarians]) knew that eventually people would cotton onto the similarities between the story of Christ and others, eventually ridiculing it as they have. It is the job of the Roman Catholic Church to destroy Christianity, not promote it. This is clear for all to see.

As I said, believe what you will, but sadly, if you truly believe that we were not created but evolved a la Darwinian bollox then there's nothing really left to say. We are intelligent life. The animals on this world most certainly are not of the same caliber.
What do you reckon? T-Rex evolved into a giraffe or a antelope? I wonder........

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, I take your point, but I don't think you can reject Darwin's theories just because he may be a Mason. I think it would be very difficult for any man or woman who is handed power and riches on a platter to reject them. I certainly wouldn't. Imagine that you were in a shop buying your meagre rations and with a pound left, you stuck it on the lottery which came in giving you £10m. Would you give the lot away? OK, like me, you would give most of it away, but I would be keeping a good lot of it. Would the local church turn down money from me because I am a Humanist. Fucking sure they wouldn't. Would the local village respect my name, 10 years after my death because I built them a games centre. No, I would just be some arsehole that won the lottery. I'll tell you one thing, if I was in a state of grace somewhere along the lines of your beliefs, I would be laughing like fuck at the bastards who turn up expecting a freeloading session, because if they wanted a drink it would be a pay bar as will be the meagre ration of sandwiches. I'll be a fucking arsehole then!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I would tend to agree with your beliefs. The only time I might be tempted is into the, I believe Scientology, creed that we came from some being from outer sapce, but I suppose that is as far fetched as the Sky Fairies. But I do intend to do ongoing research into the whole subject. I won't be following, any of the established Churches as particularly with the Catholic church they are just businesses and even the priests know it, good as they are at officiating at funerals. He still took his envelope though, when I gave him it. A £100 tip for doing your job. Nice!