Monday, 28 February 2011


Young women drivers could see their insurance premiums rocket by £4,300 over a key eight year period because of a legal ruling by the European Union.
On Tuesday EU judges will rule whether the fact that women are charged lower premiums than men breaches sex discrimination laws.
If they decide it does, female drivers under 26 are likely to see costs rise by about 25 per cent, while men will see insurance rates drop by about 10 per cent, according to the Association of British Insurers.
Price Hike: An EU ruling on sex discrimination grounds could see the cost of motor insurance rocket for young women

Now, at the risk of sounding like an old fart, it is a statistical fact that women actually have MORE accidents than young men, per mile driven.  Although they tend to be more minor than mens', nevertheless, why should men pay a lot more for their insurance?  Women wanted equality and this is just the jammy side of the bread.

It may be just my experience, but I find nowadays when a 'boy racer' passes you, it's just as likely to be a 'girl racer'.  There is also a safety issue here.  Have you ever looked at some womens' shoes when they get out of the car?  How the fuck, can they drive in those heels?

Women, in my opinion, should be made to pas a different test from men as they are obviously, on average, not as competent at driving as men.  Apart from that, they're always looking at themselves in the mirror, as if it's the only reason it's there, is to put their make-up on with and they're always on the fucking phone to someone!

No, No, women should actually pay a lot more than men as they probably cause a great deal of accidents with shoes, make-up and phones and it's time the Department of Transport, changed the rules.


Billy said...

Where do people like yourself who dress up in womans clothes at the weekends come into this then DL?

It must be just as tricky for you to drive with your heels on then as well or is that where you did your scientific research for this post he he.

Budvar said...

There are 2 types of driver that really fuck me off.

1, The trilby hat wearing senile old twat who pootles along country roads at 25 mph, wont pull into a layby to allow the 13 mile tailback behind him to clear. Been driving for 50+ years, and never had and accident, seen loads in the rear view mirror though.

2, The company car driving twat who drives so close up your arse you can't get a fag paper between the bumpers, who flashes his lights. The fact you're doing 90 with 4 other cars in front of you overtaking some lorry who decides to overtake another lorry by driving 3 yds a week faster than the first. You indicate to pull over to let the prick through only to find the fucking moron has just pulled over into your blind spot trying to overtake you on the inside.

pa_broon74 said...

Car insurance.

Is a massive rip off anyway. Since its a legal requirement it should be tken out of private company control and nationalised.

I seem to be a insurance socialist, oh no! This is where I draw the line though, no further. Its just such a massive rip off.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Billy, I only dress in womens' underwear and I would never go out the house in my heels, never mind drive. I couldn't anyway, I've got too big a hard-on.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Budvers, I think the examples you mention annoy everyone, equally well apart from the twats that are doing it of course.

Why do fucking trucks do that? It is so fucking annoying, on a 2 lane dual carriageway. Then when you peep the bastards, they have the temerity to flash their lights.

I personally like rolling down the window and shouting at bastards who are not working in road works to get on with the job. I've had more , "fuck off you fat bastard", out of that than anything.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Pa, welcome to the blog. That's why privatised medicine like in America doesn't work. The companies are trying to make a profit. Now, obviously there are savings to be made in the NHS, but as I've said before, no one complains about the cost of the NHS, when they're getting wheeled into the theatre having had a heart attack.

banned said...

Dunno why the insurers are caving in on this one, all they need do is charge evryone the same in their first year (making allowance for the type and value of the car itself) and then penalise as and when claims are made on an individual basis.

That will soon sort out the boy racers and bad girl drivers.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, the trouble is that boys are bound to have more accidents, I had one or two myself. Mind you they tend to do more miles. If you're driving 40,000 miles a year the chances of some fucker hitting you are much greater than if you just use the car to go to Tescos.

linda said...

women need to pay attention to their driving skills first then opt for a better Car insurance policy

John Bo said...

Young women and young men are pretty much in the same boat realistically. Young women are guilty of silly things like putting on make-up whilst driving, whilst young men can be even worse as they tend to be more aggressive in the way they drive.

John Bo
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Mary Santago said...

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