Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Scottish Labour dominated health boards have spent almost £11m on leasing vehicles last year including Jaguars, Mercedes and BMWs, figures have revealed.

The figures obtained  indicated that more than 7,000 vehicles were hired.  The Scottish government said it was up to NHS boards to manage their own budgets and get best value for money, but that
Labour dominated Health Boards were 'flinging money about as if it was confetti'. 

The figures obtained  through Freedom of Information requests showed that the
Labour dominated NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde had the biggest bill, spending £3.4m on 2,460 vehicles for staff in 2010.

This is a disgrace that these Labour controlled health boards  still think they are in the good times.  Why does any manager need a Jaguar, Mercedes or a BMW?  Health visitors obviously need transport, but presumably they're not getting luxury cars.

The Scottish Government must review these budgets immediately and stop this flagrant waste of tax payers money by these Labour dinosaurs! 

h/t to Debs @Injury_Claims_ for drawing my attention to this story 


bugsbunny said...

Yet that fucking disgrace of an MSP JACKie Baillie, (overweight transvestite), whinges all the fucking time about the NHS, as if Labour getting control of the Scottish Parliament, (a repeat of 1999-2007), would make any difference to, as you correctly say, Labour controlled Health Boards, and Councils. It's them that are the fucking problem, not the solution, yet go on the papers, particularly the Daily Retard, and fucking whinge 24/7. And as for Richard Baker MSP, that patronising fuckwit looks like he's trying to shit a brick, with every comment, they use the same photo. He looks like a fucking turd burglar as well.


BTW Happy New Year.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Stephen, Happy New Year mate. Yes but the people listen to the fat, ugly fucker. Imagine being married to that bastard, you'd cut your wrists. It's that wee shite that usually sits behind Gray at FMQs that I don't like. Him with the glasses and the mouth that makes him look as if he would drown in the rain from his upper lip filling up. How the fuck can anyone vote for those bastards.

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