Sunday, 12 December 2010


The Prince of Cuddles: The touching embrace that shows the love between William and Kate... and a refreshing departure from Royal protocol 

If there were any lingering doubts over just what sort of a man Prince William is – or just how determined he is to do things his way – this is the picture that dispels them. 
In contrast with previous generations of Royal husbands-to-be and with scant concern for traditional reserve, William wraps Kate Middleton protectively in his arms, cherished and embraced for all the world to see. 
It is not so much a formal portrait as a remarkable public declaration of love to herald a new Royal age.
Hands-on prince: Shunning the traditional Royal reserve, Prince William proudly holds Kate in a protective, loving and close embrace - to her obvious delight

I don't blame the kids.  They are what they are. A pair of upper class twits, although to be fair her parents did at least make their own money, unlike his.  Him from the most powerful family in the world and although he is steeped in their traditions, he didn't ask to be born a Royal.  No, what gets me, is the fucking royal sycophants, who stand there and wave their Union Jacks at a family of Germans, many of whom, rightly or wrongly wanted to side with Hitler in the last war, who don't realise that the Royals and their like, have manipulated the people for centuries.  I suppose they just like to get trodden on.  It's time the whole Royal shitheap was demolished and we got shot of five of her palaces and then we could give Willie the chance to use his 'art degree', by cataloguing the Royal art collection for sale by public auction.


Anonymous said...



No wonder the country's in this mess when these young whipper snappers take their ties off. Damn it all, I expect that's why England lost the world cup bid. The man probably took his tie off.

He'll be bald by the time he's 30 Kate, then his crown will fall off into his corn flakes of a morning... and you'll be left to clean up the mess!

The Young Oligarch said...

Ya old cynic , you , DL !

At least it'll soon be time for you to go round some weans' Christmas Parties and spread your message of bad will to all men . A sort of anti-Santa , in fact .

Liked the bit "wanted to side with Hitler in the last war" . Was that not the SNP , though ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Tris, you're right. I hadn't noticed that, what the fuck is the establishment coming to. Do the Royal bankers know of this? They might put their rates up if they did.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, every time I do a Royal story you're on. I'm beginning to think you read this pile of shite, every day. I'm honoured.

No the siding bit, was his great uncle if I've got my removing right, or maybe great great, but you know the fucker, I mean! In fact, I believe that when the Nazi parachuted into Eaglesham, he expected to be taken to the Royal Family to facilitate the end of the war. Mein Gott, for you, ze war is over!

Anonymous said...

Hi DL ,sorry for being quiet. Just wanted to say I do like your irreverent views on life, and it certainly makes me laugh out loud , and realise I am not alone when I look at the modern world and think....WTF is going on?!?!!?!?
Keep up the great work ,and i'll try and drop my 2 cents worth in more often..all the best

Dioclese said...

I see where you are coming from - but I'd rather have King William V than King Fucking Charles III. Every King Charles we've had so far has been a fucking disaster!

And I'd rather have either than President Blair or Fuhrer von Rompuy. Cheaper too...

Toni said...

But you have to admit Kate Middleton - well you would, wouldn't you?
You would think the cheap bastard would have brought his own ring, I am currently holed up in Windsor and there are plenty of good jewellery shops. Doubt he would have gone to Harrods for one though.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Cutherts, Nice to see you again. I quite often drop in on yours although I don't always comment. Glad you're enjoying this. See you soon.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Greekers, so would I rather have William than the fucking old fruit and concubine, mind you I'd rather not have have any of the parasitic, dangerous bastards. Queen Elizabeth THE FIRST OF SCOTLAND, has been a disaster latterly for the country, signing away our liberty to the EU, in strict violation of the Act of Succession.

I think Sean Connery or an elected ceremonial head would be even better, what about Roger Moore? Did you hear about him meeting Paul Merton at some award ceremony for the first time and the first thing he said to Paul, who was justifiably nervous and holding out his hand for a handshake was, "I'm fucking deaf in the left ear, you know"! Fucking priceless.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Antonio, My niece lives in Windsor. Pity she's happily married, or I might have been able to get you a hot date.