Monday, 20 December 2010


Ed Vaizey, the communications minister, has called a meeting with the country’s biggest broadband providers, including BT, Virgin Media and TalkTalk, to explore changing how pornography gets into homes.

Instead of using parents having to choose to stop access to explicit websites, through parental controls, a block will be placed at source, meaning adults will have to specifically opt-in to receive the images.

Now the guy above is clearly not looking at pornography as both hands are visible.

   But, how fucking stupid do they think we are?
 Take my word for it.  This is only the first step, towards censorship of the internet.  
  • They don't like the freedom.  
  • They don't like the fact that students can organize a riot in minutes. 
  •  They don't like people on the streets.   
  • They don't like us finding out what the Establishment is really up to. 
  •  They don't want us to research the EU and Politicians.  
  • They don't want us to find out their plans for mankind.  
  • They don't like the Iranian President calling in the British Ambassador to complain about the student riots.
They don't like Wikileaks and they know we're beginning to wake up to their game and they are shitting themselves.  Change your ISP.  Go through one in Iceland or Switzerland.  I don't know how either, but I know a man who does and when I know, you'll know. 

 We will not be beaten.  Humanity can't afford to die with my generation. 


grumpy said...

A license to wank ? Fucksakes they will be putting cigarettes into plain wrapping next and hiding them under the counter. Or will tax units of alcohol to slow down our drinking. Or god forbid they will cancel football matches because it's a bit nippy and with it being icy people might slip. Couldn't clear the pavements of course. Far too fuckin sensible that would be.
Oh and I see they've solved the problem of too many squatters at Heathrow. Locked the fuckin doors.
Turn up dressed for Cape Town and end up standing for hours in temps of -10 degrees.
I don't know why we just don't throw in the towel and sell everything off to foreigners. Oh hang on that's been done.
Maybe they will double electricity bills in order to pay for windmills to stop us from cooking. Nah been done.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Grumpers, for fuck's sake, where's you backbone. Is this the nation that conquered half the world, beat the Kaiser's hordes at the Somme, smashed the Nazi threat allowing millions to live, are we going to be beaten by some third rate politicians and the EU? NOT ON YOUR FUCKING NELLY!

Joe Public said...

I'll apply on my neighbour's behalf. After all, he's not password-protected his wi-fi.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Publics, no, the girl next to me hasn't either. I'll need to have a shufty at some really hard porn, then I can blame her. Mind you, it's her mother's house that she's babysitting until the price goes up, so I hope she doesn't look at too much or she might be inviting me in for a cuppa or something and she's an ugly cow. Mind you, I think my wife might have something to say about it. "Never shite on your own doorstep", as my father once told me.

banned said...

Another Tory Lie, 'we will dismantle the surveillance state', will they fuck, using pornography (which icn't even illegal) as the excuse to regulate us yet further. Bunch of cunts.
Yummy yummy yummy
I've got cum on my tummy...

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, fucking lucky you! Has one been polishing the carrot or has some fair maid treated you to a hand job?