Thursday, 9 December 2010


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banned said...

While I support the aims of Anonymous and have posted links to their stuff at my place; have no doubt that their cyber attacks on Paypiss, Mastercunt and the like will bring the gummint down in t'internet like a sack of shite.
Yet I still support them in the same way that I would have supported the ideals of the Czech underground assasinating their regional Gaulieter in the sure and certain knowledge that the nazis would use it as an excuse to excecute man women and boys by way of reprisal.

Hell has no fury like a Government scorned

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned and there are several Governments scorned. I couldn't believe it when I heard that stupid fucking Journo from the Telegragh say it Wikileaks we're 'undemocratic' on Question Time tonight.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

DL I ignored this crap since it was on the GGT, SMO, and didn't twig why I kept seeing weans looking like they came from The Village of The Damned on some bloggers' stuff until I sat down to listen to Tarpley's waffle on Sunday

and then plough through this at Lawyers Guns and Money

Just like all those suddenly riotous students who've done nothing but soil their sheets X-Boxing since they discovered what their digits are for, it is all a load of bollox. Ian Gilmour wrote a book on the use of the London mob by the dialectic, they've done it for centuries and the poor remained poor.

I'm of to slaughter carrion crow on my alter and discern the entrails. Makes more sense.

BTW re your next posting, they obviously sent the elitist eugenicist couple out in the limo with sugar glass windows to get the desired photo opp.

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

BTW DL forgot to mention that the horsefaced elitist sugar glass incident gives the lie to any terrorist security alert. If I was an Al Ciaduh Ceilidh Ninja with my evil legions secreted throughout, UKplc would be a smoking ruin instead of an incapable shitheap run by the minions of the cabal of mediocrity secreted in the assorted Parliaments all on bended knee to the Rothschild Corporate Entity parked in the pirate boat called Ye Jolly City of Londonistan.