Thursday, 11 November 2010


Helping the injured: Julie Dove from the Poppy Appeal attends an Armistice Day service at Chester Cathedral with a members of the 1st Battalion the Mercians who lost his legs in combat
Helping the injured: Julie Dove from the Poppy Appeal attends an Armistice Day service at Chester Cathedral with a member of the 1st Battalion the Mercians who lost his legs in combat



Captain Ranty said...


He didn't go there for oil. He didn't go for the $1 trillion worth of minerals. He didn't go to hand-deliver democracy. He didn't go to fight against terrorism. He didn't go because of his politics.

He went because his mates went. He went because he was ordered to go. He went because that was what he trained for.

He didn't consider the rights or wrongs, the morality, or the legalities.

He went to take care of his mates. And they went to take care of him.

Men and women have been going to war since the Dead Sea was merely unwell. And millions of them never came home.

My guess, and this is a pure guess, is that he will say "Yes. It was worth it".

My 10 cents.


The Young Oligarch said...

Captain Ranty - I concur .

It doesn't matter what the political rights and wrongs are : they are OUR men , doing our bidding .

It is always worth it , so long as we keep faith with them .

God bless him and his maimed comrades .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Guys, don't get me wrong, I support our troops wherever they are 120%. I was only posing the question, will he be looking back on his life in 30 years time with the problems he has now and the ones he's going to get like depression, alcoholism, failed relationships etc etc and say, "was it worth it"? My guess would be no.

They are there, as we all know, to support oil and in particular in Afghanistan to bulid a pipeline across the country which they had almost agreed on with the Taliban years ago in meetings in the US, but the Taliban got too greedy and we therefore have the present conflict and that's without even talking about the poppies. Funny how they were, 'freedom fighters' when they fought the Russians but terrorists now.

I looked at that picture and was heart sorry for the lad and how he has been, or allowed himself to used, by joining up in the first place. They should be defending Britain, not fighting in Afghanistan to enrich oil Barons.

banned said...

Judging by the fact that he chose to appear on parade I imagine that he thinks, yes it was.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Banned, he's as pleased as punch now, but in 30 years?

Captain Ranty said...

I didn't doubt your support for the troops, DL.

Most of us are supportive even though we despise the governments that sent them there, or keep them there. We know the lads and lassies are doing their job and we will support them until they get home safe.

Can't say the same for the MAC lads, though. Bunch of cunts.


Anonymous said...

The Young Oligarch,

"It doesn't matter what the political rights and wrongs are : they are OUR men , doing our bidding."

What in the fuck are you whittering on about? They aren't doing my bidding. I never supported the illegal invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan for crying out loud. I certainly don't condone the thousands of fatherless and motherless families, not forgetting the heartbroken parents who've had to bury their infants.
Who killed them? Ask yourself that question? The British, American and other European nations sent armies into these lands to murder the locals. THEY WERE INVADING THEIR LANDS. Do you not see that? Are you ignorant to the fact that these people POSED US NO THREAT WHATSOEVER AND WE LAUNCHED A WAR AGAINST THEM???

It's drivel like this that truly pisses me off - "doing our bidding" - my fucking arse.

The reality is far more bleak than you could possibly imagine. The government has sanctioned the murder of foreigners by the British army, yet that's ok. Should someone attack me in the street, I plunge a knife into his gut and kill him, I'm looking at time in prison for murder - forget self defense nowadays. Therefore it's not ok to defend yourself, or go out and kill someone who pisses you off or threatens your family, but it's ok to join up as the government - OUR PUBLIC FUCKING SERVANTS tell us that it's ok to kill people in foreign lands with no punishment.

The whole thing is utterly and totally disgusting and I will never, ever, ever condone the actions of British soldiers who illegally invade other lands and kill the locals.

It's mad thinking by people like you who promote this insane attitude of support the troops whatever! Tell me, if martial law is imposed and our troops start popping off British citizens because the state tells them to, will you agree with them and what they're doing? Will you agree if a loved one/family member gets their brains blown all over the place by a British sniper for protesting against governmental control? You see if you do you'll be a hypocrite because you sanction the murder of foreigners, who've done fuck all to us, but not the murder of your own people.

Wake up for fuck sake.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Ranters, is that why they joined up in the first place though. 200 years ago, yes they expected to be sent to foreign lands to blow up Johnny foreigner, to increase the Empire and the profits of the Empire builders and the merchants who grew rich on their backs. But what's the motivation for someone joining up now? There not all stupid cunts doing what their mates do. Some of them have been through University and are supposed to be intelligent. Do they never say to themselves or at least their superiors, "here, fuck this for a game of soldiers. Do I really want to be blowing up men who were Mujahadeen freedom fighters, 20 years ago, to enrich Haliburton and all the others who make $s from the wars. The Rumsfields, the Rothschilds and all the rest won't be sending their kids to die in a foreign country, that's for fucking sure".

Just asking!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, there has to be a time when the leaders of the armed forces tell the politicians that enough is enough. Otherwise they are nothing but a mercenary force doing the bidding of the NWO Schills and getting their men killed for no reason. Mind you, I'm not so sure there isn't the same attitude as we saw on the Somme all those years ago, when men were just play pieces on a chess board for the scum who ran the war, to kill as they felt like. The Afghans have done nothing wrong apart from fall out with the Americans on a price for the gas pipeline, they want to build across their country. At the end of the day, it will get built, because they will have talks with the Taliban again, if they're not doing it already and all those lives will have been lost for fuck all.

Anonymous said...

Quite DL.
It's about time that soldier's superiors in the forces started protecting 'their boys' from conflict, maiming and death. At the moment DL our Armed forces are nothing but mercenaries. You can't deny that. The soldiers may think they're doing good, but really if that's the state of play then many are ignorant fuckwits who are a danger to themselves, believing it's ok to march into other lands and kill the locals, because your government (those people who couldn't give a fuck about you) say so.

As for the oil pipeline, think also drugs DL. Afghanistan is the world's largest exporter of heroin. They controlled the Chinese with it and now they're controlling their own people.

Truly and totally fucked up - but you won't read about that in the daily rag will you?

Rolf said...

There is a view that has permeated the press and the public psyche that we must support our boys at all costs. Which is all well and good, except when that this sentiment is designed to stop us from questioning the conflicts they are involved in. It is almost socially unacceptable now to question the wars, as it is seen as being against our boys (and girls) in the forces.

That poor lad in the pic was doing his duty, what he signed up for. It's not for squaddies to ask why they are fighting. It is however, for us members of the public to ask why they are fighting and to ask for them to be brought home if the reasons are indefensible.

Down in the smoke said...

"It's not for squaddies to ask why they are fighting."

Perhaps they should.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Harbingers, yes the drugs is another angle. They had almost stop growing poppies when the Taliban were in control, so how come they're so prolific now? Well, we know why you won't read about it in the daily rag, but we'll leave that to one side at the moment, in case we get accused of being antiseptic!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rolf, welcome to the blog and you make some very good points. We elect Government expecting them to stand for what we elected them for and they don't. Example of the students' riot against the graduate tax, what happened to the Libthingies' pledge?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Smokers, they do on their blogs, AARSE, but their superiors are in the club with the politicians.

The Young Oligarch said...

Harbinger -

"The government has sanctioned the murder of foreigners by the British army" .

Fuck right off .

Soldiers kill the enemy in war , they do not murder .

"people like you who promote this insane attitude of support the troops whatever".

You better believe it .
My country right or wrong .
And British soldiers , especially Scottish soldiers most of all .

Anything else is beneath contempt .

Our Forces don't decide who they're fighting a war against , our elected politicians do . That's why politics is so important , much more important than how to "improve services" or "show respect" for every passing shower of ingrate , anti-social incomers .

Fuck off and vote on real issues of war , peace and constitution!
Leave our troops alone !

Major Fuckup said...

TYO said..

" Our Forces don't decide who they're fighting a war against"

Any servicemen who joined up since 1990 knows that they will be posted to the middle east. Either in an all out war or policing in a former war zone.
The conflict in the middle east has been fully explained ad nauseum in the media with both sides of the argument , for and against, explored.
Therefore our troops have seen the scenarios unfolding in Iraq , Afghanistan and soon to be Iran and think it's worth sacrificing their lives or limbs for.
I salute their bravery and wish I was as brave but I do think they're being used as cannon fodder.
Cast iron recently announced that widows pensions would be tied to the consumer price index rather than the retail price index. This will knock approximately £500k off of a pension over it's lifetime.
And you think they care about our troops ?

" Soldiers kill the enemy in war , they do not murder"

Abu Moussa ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

"The government has sanctioned the murder of foreigners by the British army" .

Fuck right off .

OK, let's say the situation was reversed and Muslims had been the dominant world power and the Saudis had invaded Scotland for our off seas oil rights and they had occupied our country and were killing Scottish Christians going through house by house searches looking for arms and 'freedom fighters'. Now you and I would be freedom fighters, because that is what we are in our make-up. How would you feel if your son, or wife or mother were shot by the Saudis or taken to Peterhead prison which was being run like Abu Graib was.

Would you and I be calling the Muslim forces, murderers?
I think I know the answer to that.

So therefore you're happy electing fuckwits like Blair who take us into war on a pretence and instead of getting hung, is enriching himself as we speak with well paid jobs from oil companies whose profits he boosted by stealing Iraq's oil.

You come, I know from a 'Unionist, Union Jack waving, Britain is might', kind of a background, but you are not thinking straight because your beliefs are clouded by this Queen and Country shite.

I support our troops 100%, although I think their superiors, who are of course part of the same establishment as the politicians, should be having a quiet word in someone's ear to say enough is enough. Trouble is that they see the greater might of Britain as being paramount, they think we still have an empire to defend and all foreigners must be the enemy, particularly if they're not Christian.

If we were invaded or in danger of being invaded, I would be the first to put my name down for the Army. But I'm afraid sending deluded young men to their deaths and what is worse permanent disfigurement for oil and in the case of Afghanistan, an oil gas line and drugs, can no longer in my eyes be justified.

The Young Oligarch said...

DL -

"So therefore you're happy electing fuckwits like Blair who take us into war on a pretence and instead of getting hung, is enriching himself as we speak with well paid jobs from oil companies whose profits he boosted by stealing Iraq's oil."

No , DL . That's the opposite of what I'm saying .

We should vent our anger on the politicians who made these decisions and try to vote more responsibly in the future .

Support our troops . Hold politicians to account .

Is that simple enough ?

PS . Do you really think I voted for Blair ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Major Fuckers, the issues are never going to be discussed in the media because it is dominated by Zionists, whose main motivation in life is Israel, therefore if they can get the Goy to invade and keep the peace for Israel in the Middle East, they have achieved their goal.

As soon as the Iranian Leader, said the words, "Israel must be destroyed", Iran's fate was sealed and our young men will this time take heavy casualties, because the Iranians aren't the Iraqis. I wonder which terrorist group they'll blame for the invasion or will they have another 'terrorist atrocity' beforehand to sway public opinion into the need for invasion. What harm has Iran done us? Fuck all, but don't threaten Israel, you Muslim sheet-heads!

The Young Oligarch said...

Major Fuckup -

Soldiers , like other men , can commit crimes , even including murder .

Harbinger , however , insinuated that all those killed by our troops in war were murdered by them .

This is identical to claiming that the Allies murdered millions of German soldiers in both world wars , rather than killing them in battle .

It is deliberately emotive , inaccurate and polemic .

The issue of Remembrance and supporting our troops should be beyond politics .

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, there is no point in electing different Unionist political parties, because you you couldn't get a sheet of shite paper between them. They go down there and become part of the London, God Save the Queen, establishment and forget why they were elected. Look at the Libdems FFS!

That's why I am for independence because the bastards will be held closer to the people and be more accountable.

There is a fucking big difference in facing a foe across the Somme, when you are equal more or less in men and arms, than what we are and have done in Afghanistan and Iraq, so please don't give me that shite. There is absolutely no comparison in fighting someone who wants to invade you and you invading someone else's land for fuck all. What reason will they give for Iran? To protect the Zionists in Israel? Let them send in their own troops, America finances them anyway. The Muslims are their problem.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, Peter Hitchins in today's Mail.

"For many years, most British Governments have followed a policy best called Fake Conservatism.
This involves loudly pretending to do what the public wants. But while the country is distracted by these stunts and spectaculars, the Cabinet gets on with its real task of turning Britain into a multi-culti socialist Euro-Province.
That is why the most painful example of this policy is the vainglorious and often damaging use by Anthony Blair of our once-superb Armed Forces, in places where Britain has no national interest.
Meanwhile, he compelled those same Armed Forces to surrender to the criminal gang called the IRA, the only recent war in which our soldiers were used for proper national ends. He also crippled them with cuts".

Read more:

The Young Oligarch said...

Ah , yes , DL , Peter Hitchens . Fine man .

You will notice that he blames the politicians , not the soldiers . Just like I'm doing .

You started by saying you support our troops , but now you're lurching towards the "British soldiers are MURDERERS" pish spouted by Harbinger .

Does that make you proud this Remembrance Sunday ?

Dark Lochnagar said...

Oli, that's not what I am saying. I am saying if the situation was reversed as I outlined above we, the Scots, would consider an occupying army of Muslims as murderers, if they were shooting what we considered as our 'freedom fighters', in their case the Mujahadin/Taliban.

Remember what the premise for the story was, i.e. is it worth losing your legs for a gas pipeline? That's the only question I posed. Will he think it had been worth it in 30 years?