Sunday, 14 November 2010


I don't normally quote other writers ad verbatum on here as you know, but this article from Peter Hitchens in the Mail, took my fancy and I'd like to share it with you.

"For many years, most British Governments have followed a policy best called Fake Conservatism. 
This involves loudly pretending to do what the public wants. But while the country is distracted by these stunts and spectaculars, the Cabinet gets on with its real task of turning Britain into a multi-culti socialist Euro-Province.
That is why the most painful example of this policy is the vainglorious and often damaging use by Anthony Blair of our once-superb Armed Forces, in places where Britain has no national interest. 
Meanwhile, he compelled those same Armed Forces to surrender to the criminal gang called the IRA, the only recent war in which our soldiers were used for proper national ends. He also crippled them with cuts.
Then there was Blunkettism. This began with a pretence that we were going to ‘sack bad teachers’, ‘raise school standards’ and so on, though of course continuing to ban selection by ability, the only thing that would do any good.
All that in fact happened was a great deal of testing, whose results were promptly rigged to suggest success. The outcome was that illiteracy, classroom disorder and low standards continued exactly as before, if not worse.
But before this was obvious, David Blunkett had moved on to the area of crime. Here too he was highly successful in improving the statistics, without improving the conditions.
Then there was terrorism, a perfect area for distraction. The Government could pretend to protect us against Osama Bin Laden, or some other sinister, hooded, bearded person crouched in a cave in Yemen, while failing to protect our homes against burglars – and so look decisive and ‘tough’.

    We reached the stage long ago when most thinking people could spot that this stuff was false coinage. Any sensible adult, hearing the word ‘crackdown’, instantly suspects that he is being gulled. But most of the media, being happy to act as the spokesmen and spokeswomen of power, duly report this bilge as if it were true.
    Well, now we have the same thing happening with welfare. Mr Blair’s New Labour Government is ably headed by his understudy David Cameron – while Mr Blair is on leave of absence addressing conventions of lavatory-paper makers. And among its many mini-Blunketts is poor old Iain Duncan Smith, a decent man fallen among liberals. IDS has indeed thought a lot about welfare.
    But his colleagues forbade him to think about the real problem. This is that, since the catastrophic Labour Government of 1964-1970, the welfare state has deliberately encouraged parasitism, as well as flooding the country with professional social workers. 
    Nor can he actually do anything about the suicidal subsidy to single-mother families, which has helped destroy fatherhood and wreck our society.
    So the IDS scheme will not work, and is certainly not the ‘historic’ document the servile BBC makes it out to be. But for a while it will stave off demands for a real reform. And when we wake up to the truth, we will be another dozen irrecoverable steps down the dark and crumbling stairway that leads to national extinction. 
    Sorry about that. I did warn you what would happen if you voted Tory".


    heckmonwyke said...

    So True But to Bloody Late for UK

    confused said...

    Err. Why are you giving these johnny come lateleys an ounce of your strengh DL?
    Sad old bastards who have kept their head in the sand while sucking at the teat of the MSM.
    Forget them.

    banned said...

    Unusual report but not stunning news; Welfsre Officers have told me that they already have most of the proposed powers for 'encouraging' recalcitrant job-seekers into work, they just don't use them much so what's new?

    Incidentally, while I'm not in favour of subsidising social housing tenents the coalitions proposal to up new tenanacies to more like market rates will inevitably worsen the poverty trap.

    Dark Lochnagar said...

    Heckers, unfortunately what you say is the truth. But while some of us are aware, they haven't won yet.

    Dark Lochnagar said...

    Confused, because, sometimes these cunts forget who is paying them and actually write something true. This is, I believe, one such occasion.

    Dark Lochnagar said...

    Banned at the end of the day, people have to live somewhere. You can work for 30 years and be made redundant and be left with £65 per week. It takes a while for the other benefits to kick in and by the time that happens, you're in the grubber because you've had to pay your mortgage and credit cards for 3 or 4 months. Who has any savings nowadays? Hardly anybody and even if they have, it's unlikely to be more than 3 months wages, or £6000!

    confused said...

    People like you are unfortunately the problem. You believe the bullshit from the SNP. With a slight inkling of Conservatism. You have a vague love of a kind of nationalist / conservative / anti EU agenda.
    It's all bollocks.
    They will lie to you and promise you all sorts.
    The fact that you print verbatim a story from the the daily mail confirms how much they have brainwashed you.
    The daily Mail regularly ridicule UKIP. The only party dedicated to getting us out of the EUSSR.
    And you help them ridicule us.
    I won't waste my time explaining how barking SNP policies on global warming and the EU etc are.

    Dark Lochnagar said...

    Confused, I don't believe any bullshit from the SNP or the MSM and if you are a regular reader you will realise that.

    I happen to think that independence is the way forward because the politicians will be closer to the people and more easily controlled.

    I am aware, probably more than most, about the lies we are fed from the MSM and now I always look through, the news. I have also supported UKIP ideals, on many occasions, as I and many others who vote and are involved with the SNP, are not happy being in Europe.

    I seem to remember that UKIP cut their own throat at the last election, by falling out with the Tories. Do you think it there was a vote now to stay in, the decision would be to pull out? I would certainly vote for it, but whether the vote would be positive is another matter.

    I flit across all the MSM looking for something interesting to write on here from the Guardian and even the Sunday Post and the Scotsman.

    I think you are blaming the messenger for UKIP's failings.

    confused said...

    DL. The UKIP didn't cut their own throat. They ensured that cast iron wouldn't get a majority and so forced a coagulation.
    To quote verbatum an article from the daily mail reinforces the view that you still don't get it.
    The MSM laugh at us and offer us titbits that we gorge on in the false belief that things will change.
    They won't change. I'm sorry but they won't.

    Caratacus said...

    It's no good DL, you're not getting through!

    I'm always surprised that the Mail puts up with Peter Hitchens. He doesn't exactly chime with their conservatism-at-any-cost views (particularly as represented by Camclegg and the rest of the shitbags), and is always pouring buckets of crap over the latest pontifications of the Coalition. So to lump him in with the MSM seems a bit obtuse.

    But then I am admittedly not the sharpest tool in the box and @confused had better have another go...

    Dark Lochnagar said...

    Confused, by ensuring that the Tories lost about 16 seats with your UKIP vote, you forced the coalition with the Libthingies who are even more left wing than Labour, which is even more damaging for the country and ensures a more Pro-EU stance than would have been the case with purely a Tory Government.

    So maybe it's you who didn't get your message across. Even Farage didn't win although he managed to pull a stunt on election day by pretending he was at death's door to get the sympathy vote from the electorate.

    Dark Lochnagar said...

    Caracers, no, I too thought it was an article which broke the mould of the usual shite you are forced to read from our heavily controlled press. If UKIP thinks they get a raw deal from the Mail, they should read what they and the rest of the Unionist press dole out to the SNP, because their Zionist, NWO owners don't want countries becoming independent and rocking the EU bandwaggon, particularly the only country in the EU with oil. We might even decide to go the way of Norway and then we would be flooded by UKIPPERS coming here to enjoy the luxuries that having oil should bring if it wasn't propping up Westminster Governments with their profligacy.

    Anonymous said...

    Peter Hitchens wrote an excellent book called 'The Death of liberty' that should anyone think of spending some coppers for a good read, I strongly suggest it.
    Hitchens is an odd sort, a conservative of the oldschool, original conservatism, not the faux one he speaks of today with libertarian leanings.
    As those who will know Hitchens, he believes that the Conservative party has to die and from the ashes will rise a new one. I wholeheartedly agree, but in reality this isn't going to happen because most conservatives today are liberals, thinking they're conservatives.

    He's without a doubt the biggest pain in the neck to Cameron et all, but I'm glad he's there at least offering some dissent unlike the usual brigade of Daily Laim readers who parrot everything the party politic tells them too.

    Agree on a lot Hitchens' has to say, but then with that I also disagree alot too.

    Dark Lochnagar said...

    Harbingers, which is why exactly I posted his article. UKIP think in their own smug way they have failed to make an election breakthrough, but it is great they have put the Tories into bed with the Libdems, because that will teach them to mess with us.

    A now almost totally Eurosceptic party – the Conservatives – is in government with the most pro-European people in British politics, the Liberal Democrats. Nick Clegg, has set his face against repatriation of powers. “We are not going to reopen this issue,” he said last month, on the Government’s behalf.

    That's where UKIP's interference has put us with regard to Europe. Now I am not kidding myself for one second that Cameron is anything more than a NWO schill, but many in his party, who aren't high enough up the pay scale, as yet aren't and can cause enough trouble to give the EU ideal and Van Rompuy, some trouble. The EU budgets for the next 4 years are about to be voted on and that's where the real struggle will be, not the 2.9% increase that Cameron THINKS he has agreed to, because Van Rompuy wants to bring in a EU wide tax to benefit Brussels.

    Anonymous said...


    Those in power are not a Eurosceptic party in the slightest. The Tories in power and not the traditional Tories, or should I say the real Tories. They are puppets of the NWO who call themselves Tories.
    Tell me which out of the cabinet is anti EU?
    Tell me, how many within the cabinet and the party are attacking the PM for remaining within the EU?
    Were the conservative party anti EU, they'd have removed their leader, put in an anti EU one and would have removed themselves faster than a pornstar's pair of knickers.

    The tories ARE ALL PRO EU. That's why they're in power. That's why those within the Conservatives are in the Conservatives. Every politician within every party is where he is because he follows orders and guaranteed you'll never see any member of the major three parties criticise the party for their time within Europe.

    For fuck sake DL, the Tories are about to batter the unemployed, criminalising them for being jobless, because they haven't enough money to pay them and yet will remain within the EU that's stealing from the UK on a daily basis, that could easily sort out the many ills within our land!!!

    This is called theft and culture destruction and there are no politicians worth their salt who give a fuck about the UK and the people within. They are all nothing but Judas' and their 30 pieces of silver. I just wonder if they'll do the honours and follow in the footsteps of Judas with a rope.

    Dark Lochnagar said...

    Harbingers, there's quite a lot of Euro scepticism in the back benches. Now that could be that they are just not at a pay level to appreciated what is expected from them as power sucking EUSSR Captains, but what is for sure is that the Libdems are extremely pro-Europe from the top down.